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  • 09/20/2018in NOCSAE News

    Football Concussion Brings Huge Lawsuit Against Hermiston Schools

    September 18, 2018    It's one of the biggest hot-button issues in sports these days, concussions. And now a $38 million dollar lawsuit has been filed against the Hermiston, OR School District over a concussion that occurred in 2016.   In September 2016, according to the lawsuit filed in Umatilla County Circuit Court, 16-year-old Connor...
  • 09/20/2018in NOCSAE News

    NFL, NFLPA reviewing application of concussion protocol on Patriots’ Patrick Chung

    September 18, 2018   The NFL and the NFL Players Association are reviewing a potential breakdown in the league’s concussion protocol after New England Patriots safety Patrick Chung took a hit to the head in the first half of a 31-20 loss Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars.   “A joint review by the NFL and NFLPA...
  • 09/20/2018in NOCSAE News

    Sports helmets act like a car bumper to protect your brain from injury

    September 18, 2018 From professional leagues down to kids sports, concussions are getting plenty of attention.   Parents may believe that a helmet will prevent a concussion — which is when the brain gets bounced around inside the skull.   Dr. Dan Day, a sports medical specialist at Rochester Regional Health, explained why helmets are...

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