DOL Wage Change Responses

Fri, 04 November 2016 / Published in eNews, Featured Story, Latest posts, Lifestyle

From Joe Rogers-William Jewell College

1.       KU – all equipment staff is salaried

2.       K State – Al Cerbe is salaried and his asst. will be hourly he has not gotten any word about limiting his hours.

3.       Univ. of MD all equipment staff is salaried, some will get a increase in pay.

4.       Wisconsin- Terry is salaried his assistants are hourly

5.       A college in FL (it’s not official yet) so I won’t name the college. Head equipment & football equipment are going to have their jobs reclassified and they will be salaried. The other members of the staff will be hourly with OT or comp time at the OT rate. If they don’t use all the comp time by the end of the year it will be paid out.

6.       UMKC-Changed to hourly with OT.

7.       UNK-  Changed to hourly

8.       Drake-head equip mgr. stayed salaried all assistants moved to hourly and has to try and restrict their OT.

9.       Iowa State – All assistants moved to hourly and have to track their hours.

10.   NDSU- Still working all the details. The asst. equip mgr. will be hourly