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Sat, 25 June 2016 / Published in Featured Story

...time for each of you to be heard

Fellow AEMA Members,

With this letter we are trying to clear up any misunderstandings concerning the AEMA and the NFL.

First, there is no agreement at this time between the AEMA and the NFL.

Sam Trusner, with the blessings of the Board, has been meeting with the NFL and their equipment staffs.

At the present time there are 11 Certified Equipment Managers in the NFL.

Sam has asked them what they feel the certification requirements should be for them. They feel that any of them with five years’ experience should be eligible for grandfathering into the AEMA as a Certified Member.

Just to clarify Certification began in 1991. In the first three years of certification members were able to “Grandfather” upon meeting the requirements needed which were:

  1. Must be 21 years of age
  2. Have a high school diploma
  3. Have 10 years documented experience and an Equipment Manager.

The first certification exam was given in 1992.

There were two primary reasons for Grandfathering:

  1. We had many older (retired Military Master Supply Sergeants)
  2. It was the quickest way to get membership to agree to Certification.


Any agreement that is reached with them will not be final until it passes the owners, players bargaining agreement, NFL office and the AEMA.

If we were able to reach an agreement where the NFL required all of their equipment managers to be AEMA Certified, most of the Board believes that it would help move our Association forward.

Their reasoning is that it would trigger the NCAA and college administrators to then require their staff to be certified. This would aid our membership numbers and establish our Association on solid ground.

There are some members that feel we don’t need the NFL.

Other’s feel the window should be for 10 years full time working experience before Grandfathering.

It is now time for each of you to be heard. Talk to your District Directors and tell them your thoughts on this important issue. There is no signed agreement between the NFL Equipment Managers and the AEMA. The Board has nine District Directors, Kelly Jones CSC, the President and Vice-President, and the Executive Director and Associate Executive Director. Let them know not only your feelings but also your reasoning for your decision.

You can find their contact information at

You have a voice but only if you use it!

Thank you for taking time to read this.

AEMA Board of Directors