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August 23, 2019 Eli Lederman-Tulsa World Each year, the months between December and May become Josh Smith’s busy season.   As one of several sales representatives in Oklahoma for Riddell, one of the nation’s leading helmet companies, Smith spends his winters and springs traversing the state making sales, checking in with contracted football programs and

August 6, 2019 Mike Sullivan-WXIN FOX 59 Indiana University football kicks off their season in a few short weeks, and when they do, the Hoosiers will do so knowing they have thousands of dollars in equipment strapped to their heads.   The university spent roughly $130,000 on state-of-the-art helmets a year ago. The results?  

August 7, 2019 Suzy Frisch-Mpls.St.Paul Magazine A 13-year-old girl playing league soccer tried to head the ball and collided with another player. The opponent’s elbow struck her head, resulting in dizziness, headaches, and the inability to focus. It appeared that she had a concussion.   But the teen’s care team knew to look for additional

July 22, 2019 Marcus Hartman-Journal-News Bill Carollo was far from the most famous speaker at the Big Ten’s annual Football Media Days last week, but he did have a piece of information that could resonate throughout the season.   “We’ve made a couple changes in targeting that are significant,” the conference’s coordinator of officials said,

April 30, 2019 The LIGHT Helmets LS1 Varsity football helmet was awarded the highest-available five stars from the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab, where researchers have been providing unbiased helmet ratings that allow consumers to make informed decisions when purchasing helmets since 2011. The LS1 Varsity is the lightest football helmet on the market to receive

Hit the Hill Day focuses on need for athletic trainers for student athletes

AEMA/Zoombang Scholarships

Thu, 21 February 2019

Candidates qualifying to sit for the 2019 AEMA Certification Exam in Indianapolis are eligible to receive a $350.00 scholarship from Zoombang, a manufacturer of protective padding.  Go to the link listed below and complete the required form.  Three winners will be drawn from applicants successfully passing the test.  

Helmet Bowl II

Tue, 02 October 2018

  Dear AEMA Equipment Managers,   Helmet Bowl II begins October 22 with single elimination Conference Championships.   Equipment Managers hold the keys for Helmet Bowl II success! Thank you for your participation in Helmet Bowl!   You told us you wanted shorter, more important conference contests. Now, every week is critical.   Here’s how

August 13, 2018 Growing Incidents of Sports-related Concussion Injuries Driving Growth The alarming rise in the number of severe concussion injuries caused due to violent shaking of the head is mainly triggering the growth of the concussion helmets market. Manufacturers are aware of the emerging opportunities in this market, and are focusing on leveraging the opportunities