What are CEUs?

CEUs (Continuing Education Units) are awarded to members that spend time in educational activities to meet the continuing education requirements of a certified equipment manager. Members are awarded based on contact hours (ten contact hours will equal 1.0 ceus). See the CEU Category List document for details on qualified activities.

How can I earn CEUs?

Each district is represented by a Continuing Education Committee (CEC) member, who is available to assist all members in maintaining their certification. A list of current CEC members for each District can be found on the Committees page.

The AEMA has several education projects that help our membership prepare for the examination and assist in continuing education efforts after certification is gained.
These projects include but are not limited to:

  • Convention Workshops: The AEMA annual convention has 3 consecutive days of education workshops taken from the role delineation to offer the membership.
  • Certification Manual: The manual contain research articles on topics identified by the role delineation. The manual serves as a study guide for equipment managers preparing for the exam, and a desk reference for certified members.
  • AEMA Journal: The Journal is a yearly publication containing articles for areas of the role delineation. The expansion of knowledge increases the base of information available to the examination and to continuing education.

How many CEUs do I need to stay Certified?

Each Certified member must earn 6.0 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) every three years to maintain certification. This represents 60 contact hours spent in educational activities during this period. Continuing education demands that certified AEMA members become involved in a continuous improvement process.

How do I report CEUs?

The AEMA has a CEU Category List document of ways to earn CEUs. You must self-report within 30 days of the approved activity for you to earn CEUs. Please note that CEUs earned by your attendance at the National Convention, all workshops at the annual national convention, and any use of the resource center are recorded by the AEMA and need not be self-reported.




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