Vendors Opportunities for Continuing Education

To help our members who are working with vendors to obtain continuing education units (CEUs), we have put together a list of activities that can be applied to the general Continuing Education Categories. This is not an inclusive list, but rather a guide for some ways to earn credit. Please refer to the complete Continuing Education Categories for a complete list of opportunities to earn credits. Please use the CEU Report form to report activities as well as a guide as to what supporting material needs to be submitted along with the report form. If you have additional questions, please work with your district CEU representative for assistance. When in doubt submit your activities to your representative. They will work with the committee to determine if it is an applicable activity.


AEMA Activities
  • Attend AEMA general and district meetings.
  • Host workshops or advisory board meetings. (capped at .5 per year)  Must be pre-approved by CEC chair.
  • Complete AEMA Journals
Publications, Newsletters and interviews- a copy of the article or presentation must be submitted with the ceu report form.
  • Write an article for a magazine
  • Write an article for a newsletter
  • Facilitate and conduct equipment fittings at High Schools, Jr. Colleges, Colleges and Universities. (capped at 1.0 per year)
  • Speaking at a Rotary Meeting about equipment management.
Teaching, guest lecturer, presentations
  • Presentations outside the work place like clinics, meetings, conventions. (capped at 1.0 per year)
Continuing Education and seminars-
  • college classes, workshops, 7 habits, etc.  In order to be awarded, please submit additional documentation related to the seminar such as workbooks, discussion items, etc.
Other certifications
  • CPR
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
Sporting Goods shows and Vendor meetings
  • Receive credit for attending shows where you are not working for as a sales person.  You are required to submit a copy of receipt of payment as well as a copy of the badge.
Special Projects
  • Independent Research- Power point presentations and other online opportunities.
  • Creating a video on equipment fitting, a how to video or instructional video on company website, YouTube or the AEMA site.  Video must be 3-5 min and is capped.  (capped at 0.5 per year)
  • Award credit if you receive a national, regional, or state award by your company. (capped at 0.5 per window)

When in doubt send it in