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Glenn Sharp Award 2019

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It is time once again to vote for the Glenn Sharp Award! This award is our highest honor in the AEMA. Glenn Sharp was known as the “Father” of our organization. Glenn was a long time Equipment manager at Bowling Green. Glenn and a handful of other equipment managers first met in June of 1973 in Atlanta Georgia to get the ball rolling. Glenn and his wife Helen started the AEMA office in 1974. Glenn went on to be the first Elected President of the organization in 1979. Glenn then went on to be the Associate Executive Director in 1983 and held that position until his death in on October 1, 2000. Glenn was the first recipient of the Glenn Sharp award that we proudly name after him today.

DEADLINE: Monday, April 15th 2019, vote must be in by 11:59PM, Central Time.

2019 Glenn Sharp Award Nominees in alphabetical order by last name

Here are the three nominees for the 2019 Glenn Sharp Award. Please take time to read each bio and then cast your vote for the most deserving candidate. Balloting ends Monday, April 15 at 11:59 PM, Central Time.

Online voting is open for members at the "Active" and "Retired" levels only.

Kerry Conner
District IV

University of Louisiana
Educational Background
  • B.A., Business Administration at Northwestern State University

Athletic Equipment Management Background
  • Certified Equipment Manager in 2004
  • Student Equipment Manager at Northwestern State University (2001-2004)
  • Intern Manager at Miami Dolphins (2003)
  • Intern Manager at New Orleans Saints (2004)
  • Head Equipment Manager at Northwestern State University (2004-2006)
  • Head Equipment Manager at Nicholls State University (2006-2012)
  • Head Equipment Manager at Louisiana Tech University (2012-2014)
  • Director of Equipment for Football at University of Louisiana (2014-present)

Professional Accomplishments :
  • District 4 Newsletter Chairperson (June 2007 – June 2018)
  • District 4 Assistant District Director (June 2010 – January 2015)
  • District 4 Co-CEU Chairperson (June 2014 – present)
  • District 4 District Director (January 2015 – present)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award Committee (January 2016 – present)

Community Service
  • Active participant in Voter Registration

Additional Comments
I’m extremely humble and grateful to be nominated for this award. This nomination is not an individual award. There are a lot of people that help us get to the point we are now. Fellow equipment managers, administration, coaches, and most importantly, student managers. It’s that help, that will continue to help us strive to become better equipment managers, leaders, and ambassadors for our profession. It’s the help of all those people that energizes me every day to get up, and do the best job I can possibly do. I truly appreciate the men and women who do this job day in and day out without many thank yous. I would like to thank everyone for their time and thoughts on nominating me for this esteemed award. Take care and God bless.

Elizabeth DeFelice “Liz”
District II

Educational Background
  • Bachelors of Liberal Arts Degree from Carthage College in Physical Education Sport and Fitness with a Business Minor

AEMA Accomplishments
  • member since 2005
  • Certified 2006
  • District V secretary 2010-2014
  • Social Media Director 2014-present
  • Service Award 2014
  • Education Committee Chairman 2016-present
  • Helped rewrite the manual, work on the monthly newsletter.

Athletic Equipment Management Background
  • Student Manager for football at Carthage College (2001-2005)
  • Intern at UCF(2005-2006)
  • Assistant Equipment Manager UCF(2006-2007)
  • Assistant Equipment Manager Northwestern(2007-2014)
  • Head Olympic Equipment manager Temple(2014-2017)
  • Director of Equipment Temple(2017-present)

Professional Accomplishments :
  • Becoming Director at Temple University
  • Thomas R. Beau Memorial Scholarship(2005 Carthage College)
  • Peggy Lenahan Award 2014(Northwestern)

Additional Comments
I am truly humbled by this great honor bestowed on me by my peers; there are so many deserving individuals in this association that work tirelessly. Therefore, to be among the candidates chosen is extremely special. I have met some of my closest friends in this organization and some amazing people. No one loves their jobs more than the people I come across in the AEMA. It is an honor to be up for this award! Thank you

District IX

University of California – Davis
Educational Background
  • Bachelor of Science – Physical Education
  • Carson Newman College

AEMA Accomplishments
  • Member since 1985
  • Certified in 1992
  • Exam Committee Member
  • Head Certification Exam Proctor for AEMA and NFL
  • Assisted in co-authoring the first edition of the certification manual
  • “Inventory Control”
  • Journal Contributor: “Touch of A Finger” and “Blood Pathogens”
  • District 5 Secretary

Athletic Equipment Management Background
  • Carson Newman College – Student Equipment Manager
  • Northwestern University – Assistant Equipment Manager
  • Purdue University – Assistant Equipment Manager
  • Orlando Renegades (USFL) – Assistant Equipment Manager
  • University of Louisville – Head Equipment Manager
  • University of Central Florida – Director of Equipment
  • UC Davis – Assistant Athletic Director of Equipment

Community Service
  • Serves on his church’s board as secretary
  • Spear heads his church’s annual food drive to feed the homeless
  • Weekly bible study teacher for both adult and youth groups
  • Local community youth baseball coach

Professional Accomplishments :
  • Conference USA Equipment Manager of the Year
  • Responsible for all travel logistics and cargo for the UCF football team and athletic department during their international trip to Ireland
  • Served on the Schutt Board twice

Additional Comments

It’s an honor to be a part of a very special group (AEMA), and nominated for the Glen Sharp Award. Having had the privilege to learn from Glen through conventions, helped me understand it’s the ones we prepare, that success is built on. I pride myself on preparing the younger generation to grow the profession. To grow the profession, which is why I’m committed to serving the AEMA through Certification. I’ve had many students and interns go into positions as:

  • Head Equipment Managers
  • Assistant Equipment Managers
  • NFL Scouts
  • Recruiting Coordinators
  • Director of Football Operations
  • Coaches

Thank you, for allowing me to be a part of your career path.

Also, a thank you too District 9 and members of AEMA for this nomination.