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Glenn Sharp Award 2020

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It is time once again to vote for the Glenn Sharp Award! This award is our highest honor in the AEMA. Glenn Sharp was known as the “Father” of our organization. Glenn was a long time Equipment manager at Bowling Green. Glenn and a handful of other equipment managers first met in June of 1973 in Atlanta Georgia to get the ball rolling. Glenn and his wife Helen started the AEMA office in 1974. Glenn went on to be the first Elected President of the organization in 1979. Glenn then went on to be the Associate Executive Director in 1983 and held that position until his death in on October 1, 2000. Glenn was the first recipient of the Glenn Sharp award that we proudly name after him today.

DEADLINE: Friday, May 8th 2020, vote must be in by 5:00PM, Central Time.

2020 Glenn Sharp Award Nominees in alphabetical order by last name

Here are the three nominees for the 2020 Glenn Sharp Award. Please take time to read each bio and then cast your vote for the most deserving candidate. Balloting ends Friday, May 8th 2020 at 5:00 PM, Central Time.

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Online voting is open for members at the "Active" and "Retired" levels only.

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Mackenzie Rivers
District I

Educational Background
  • BA in Communication with concentration in Media. Western Connecticut State University - 2003

Athletic Equipment Management Background
  • UConn 9/2004 – Present
  • University of Binghamton - 5/2004-9/2004
  • United State Naval Academy - 10/2003-5/2004

AEMA Accomplishments
  • District 1 Director - 2019-2020
  • CEU Representative - 2014-2020
  • District 1 Equipment Manager of the Year – 2017, 2019, 2020
  • AEMA Scholarship Committee - 2017-2020
  • Organized and hosted District 1 Winter Meeting - 2018

Professional Accomplishments :
  • Facilitated 7 interns gaining fulltime employment at D1 institutions or professional organizations within the field
  • Organized Athletic Department Surplus Sale
  • Non-Coaching Staff Member of the Month for Athletics
  • Assisted in Equipment Room facility design and updates
  • Coordinated the Rebrand effort
  • Assist with recruiting visits
  • Served on multiple Search Committees

Community Service :
  • Coventry Softball Little League President and Coach
  • Coventry Youth Soccer coach
  • Assisted with implementing and coaching Girl’s on the Run program
  • Active in MS Society fundraising and awareness
  • Volunteer with Salvation Army

Additional Comments
I continue to enjoy my roles within AEMA at both the District and National level. I appreciate the chance to work with my peers and look for opportunities to strengthen our organization.

Tony Caruso
District V

University of Dayton

Tony Caruso was named the University of Dayton’s first full-time equipment manager in 1982. He was responsible for all 17 Flyer sports until 1994, and has been the head equipment manager with direct duties with UD’s Arena-based sports – football, and men’s and women’s basketball.

He has been a member of the Athletic Equipment Managers Association since 1983 and AEMA certified since 1993. He has attended every AEMA convention since 1987.

In 38 years as Dayton’s equipment manager for football, he has been a part of four national championships, two national runners-up and 12 Pioneer Football League championship teams.

During his time at Dayton, Caruso has overseen three major infrastructure projects. He designed and oversaw the construction of an expanded three-sports equipment room at UD in Arena in 1984, the creation of a new equipment room for campus-based sports in the Frericks Center in 1990, and when the footprint of UD Arena expanded, he designed and oversaw the construction of new three-sport equipment room in the Donoher Center.

Caruso has supervised more than 300 student workers while at UD. Six former went on to work in the athletic equipment field. Others have gone on to be teachers, coaches, lawyers, doctors & successful in business, in addition to being great ambassadors of the University of Dayton.

In his 38 years at UD, he has been a regular contributor to Health and Sport Science classes. He has also given talks to various civic organizations, and spoken with many local high school coaches and AD’s about football equipment, its quality, safety and affordability.

He has worked every NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournament games at UD Arena since 1978, beginning as a student worker. He has also worked OHSAA boys’ basketball state sectional, district regional and state championship tournament games held at UD Arena since 1983.

The Cincinnati native’s first contact with Flyer athletics was as student-athlete. He was a pitcher on the baseball team from 1977 to 1981, and was named the team’s Most Valuable Pitcher in 1980. He was also UD’s head baseball coach from 1982 to 1985. He was inducted into the Greater Dayton Baseball Hall of Fame in 2017.

Given his background in equipment and baseball, it should be no surprise that when the Dayton Dragons came to Dayton in 2000, Caruso was with them at the beginning. The Dragons are the Cincinnati Reds’ Midwest League affiliate, and are one of the most successful minor league teams in the country. Caruso was the team’s clubhouse manager from 2001-03, and continued with the Dragons until 2017.

Caruso is a board member of the Varsity D Club, and has served as its scholarship golf outing gifts/awards chair since 1987. The Varsity D has raised over $40,000.00 for scholarships for club members children.

Given that Caruso has been a member of the AEMA for 37 of the 47 years it has been in existence, and that District 5 is the “birthplace” of the AEMA, he is honored and humbled by this nomination. He is gratified to be a part of the AEMA’s growth in both numbers and as a professional organization in his years as a member.

Tony and his wife Judy have a daughter, Isabella.

Robin Wert-Eller
District II

Franklin & Marshall College
Educational Background
  • BS. Mathematics, Business Minor, Millersville University
  • M.Ed. Counselor Education, Millersville University
  • M.Ed. Sports Management, Millersville University
  • Post-masters certification in Performance Enhancement through California University of PA.

AEMA Accomplishments for last year (Jan 1- Dec. 31):

My role as CEC chair is to work with our members and to make sure that all members have the opportunity to earn continuing education units (ceu’s). It is a big task, as we work to make our continuing education categories work for all members including Colleges, NFL, NHL, NBA, High school and Certified Associate members (members who are certified and go to work for vendors and manufacturers or who work outside of equipment management). The continuing education committee works hard to establish educational opportunities that can be earned by members on all levels.

I work with individuals in all districts to assist with earning ceu’s, help people who have faced personal challenges and need assistance with maintaining certification, and assist with the creation of new and ongoing opportunities for earning ceu’s. With so many people working at various levels, I strive to develop as many opportunities for earning ceu’s as possible in order to maintain the distinction of being a certified equipment manager.

Previous AEMA Accomplishments:
  • Continuing Education Committee (CEC) representative for District 2 since 2005
  • Member of Certification Steering Committee since 2007
  • Continuing Education Committee Chair since 2008
  • Wrote an article for the 2008 Journal
  • 2008 District 2 Equipment Manager of the Year and Glenn Sharp Finalist
  • 2010 District 2 Equipment Manager of the Year and Glenn Sharp Finalist
  • 2017 District 2 Equipment Manager of the Year and Glenn Sharp Finalist
  • Contributed to 2015 revised AEMA Manual
  • Work to revise Continuing Education categories and report form on an ongoing basis to reflect new activities and opportunities.
  • Worked with NFL members in 2017 to set up guidelines to assist in maintaining
  • Presenter at 2018 convention on Continuing Education.
  • Presenter at 2019 convention on Purchasing.

Athletic Equipment Management Background
  • Worked as a student equipment manager both as an undergrad and graduate student in college.
  • I came to Franklin and Marshall in 1998 as a part time assistant, and then became the full-time equipment manager in fall 1999. I have been the Head Equipment Manager since that time. In addition to my regular duties as the equipment manager, due to my background in recreation and fitness, I assist in managing our fitness facilities and also run organize fitness programs.

Community Service :
  • I am active with our campus community serving on several committees. Most recently, I was the chair of our Campus Wellness Committee, and was a member of the committee since it began in 2005 until 2018 when it was taken over by HR. I was the co-chair from 2008-2018.

Professional Accomplishments :
  • Certified Equipment Manager since 2001
  • Professional Member of NIRSA (National Intramural and Rec Sports Association)
  • Certified as a Rec Sports Specialist through NIRSA since 1995
  • Professional Member of American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
  • Certified Personal Trainer (cPT) through ACSM since 2008

Additional Comments

I enjoy working with the student athletes at my school. Working with college students is very rewarding and I am proud to work with our teams and have them represent F&M to the highest degree. It is very rewarding to me that I help in keeping our athletes safe and help them to achieve their goals both on and off the field. I have mentored many students over the years and I am honored to have been a part of their lives while at the college. This profession has allowed me many opportunities personally and professionally. I am proud to be a part of the AEMA and to work with other members to advance the profession of equipment management.

Aside from work, I spend a lot of time with my family. My family is very important to me. They have always supported me in my career goals and my personal life. As many equipment managers, I struggle to balance home and work life. My family helps me gain perspective and to remember the most important things in life.

It has been a privilege to work with the members of the Continuing Education Committee and to act as its Chair. The Continuing Education Committee actively works to improve and enhance the opportunities for obtaining CEU’s for all members. They give of their time throughout the year and during convention. I appreciate all of their hard work.

Finally, I want to thank the members of my district for again nominating me as Equipment Manager of the Year for District 2. I feel honored that the members of my district feel that I am a worthy candidate for the Glenn Sharp Award.