Experts: Rare to see a helmet break like Patrick Mahomes’ did on Saturday

KMBC9 (Kansas City)

January, 16, 2024


A Patrick Mahomes scramble against the Dolphins Saturday ended with a hit cracking his helmet and sending a piece of it flying.

“I’ve never seen anything like that before,” said Jim Tuso.

Tuso is a former Iowa State football player and currently is the athletic director for Missouri Wolverines Youth Football.

Following the hit, Mahomes kept playing until the refs made his switch helmets.

“It didn’t look like it fazed him at all. He wasn’t hurt by it. So, the helmet did its job,” Tuso said.

Mahomes wears a Vicis brand helmet.

Since 2011, Virginia Tech University has been rating football helmets for safety.

Vicis makes two of the top three helmets in Virginia Tech’s current safety rating.

“The helmet obviously took the brunt of that hit in the fact that it cracked. So, I will say we have all seen, you know, very forceful helmet to helmet collisions where we have had athletes who have not shown any signs or symptoms of a concussion,” said UMKC Sports Medicine Doctor Meg Gibson.

Tuso uses the Riddell Flex for his youth program.

Like the Vicis, Riddell makes several helmets with a top five-star safety rating from Virginia Tech.

“When you sign up for our program, we’re going to provide the gear for you. We’re going to get it reconditioned. We have and we try to provide our kids with helmets that are going to give them the best protection,” Tuso said.

While football helmets continue to evolve to provide the most safety possible, Doctor Gibson says nothing is foolproof.

“There is no helmet that’s concussion proof at this point. And, you know, there may never be,” she said.

Tuso recommends adult helmets for children older than 5th grade because the shells are made of a stronger material than youth helmets.

The ones with top safety ratings cost in a range from roughly $500 to $1000.

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