Certification Exam 2020

Wed, 02 September 2020 / Published in Featured Story, Latest posts

The Certification Committee has worked hard to put together an online opportunity for members to take the Certification exam during 2020.  Exams will be given, and monitored,  at select sites across the country by Scantron, our testing partners.

Application Deadline:  Sept. 2-Oct. 2, 2020 (No applications or payments accepted after this date)

Cost:  $500.00

Application Process:  Same as before.  Applicants must submit all required documentation to the National Office prior to paying for the exam for approval.  After approval, the applicant will be sent a link to submit payment for the test.  Members who paid to sit for the exam in Ft. Worth will need to call the National Office to pay the additional exam fee, but do not need to resubmit the required documentation.  NFL members are also eligible to sit for these exams and also do not need to resubmit the documents.  The candidates must just notify the National Office of their intentions.

Testing Dates:  Nov. 2-Dec. 11, 2020 .  Qualified candidates should select a site, date, and time preference for their exam.  These options will be dependent on the availability of Scantron agents.  Specific exam details will be sent to each candidate by Scantron via email.

No results will be released prior to all the exams being graded.  Test results will be released no later then Jan. 8. 2021.  Candidates will be notified of their results through a letter detailing their score and the exam area breakdowns from Scantron.

At this time, the exam usually give in Raleigh, NC in Feb. is very uncertain.  An exam is being planned for the 2021 Convention in Atlanta, with fingers crossed.

Links to Testing Site Locations:

Normally the closures page is pretty minimal, but these days it’s necessary to check the first link, then check the second to get an idea of what is available locally.

Please feel free to contact the National Office with specific questions or concerns