LIGHT Helmets Announces Partnership with University of Utah’s Star Quarterback, Cameron Rising


August 1, 2022
CARLSBAD, CA, US, August 1, 2022 / — LIGHT Helmets (Safer Sports, Inc.) Carlsbad, CA, a manufacturer of the highest-rated tackle football helmets and soft-shell headgear, is proud to announce their partnership with Cameron (Cam) Rising, starting quarterback at the University of Utah. Cam will be switching his helmet this season and will wear the 5-Star Rated LIGHT LS2 Football Helmet.
LIGHT Helmets has researched the most innovative materials used in the military, aviation and professional auto racing to reimagine the football helmet. The LIGHT LS2 Varsity helmet’s outer shell is made of a lightweight tri-weave composite. The inside protective layer is made of the patented Armor Foam and LIGHT now uses D3O® impact technology in their Fitment pads to reduce and dissipate the force of impacts on the field. The other noticeable feature is the weight – the LIGHT LS2 weighs almost 2 pounds less than other helmets on the market. The lighter weight reduces kinetic energy and the g-force of impacts from head-to-head, or head-to-ground.
After being tackled, hitting his head on the ground and experiencing an injury last season in the Rose Bowl, Cam and his family started researching helmet safety and the effect that weight can have on impacts. “I always thought that a heavier helmet meant more protection,” said Nicko Rising, Cam’s father. “But after doing more research, I realized that weight might be part of the problem and possibly contributed to Cam’s injury last season. I know how much Cam loves the game of football, but I also want him to be safe and healthy.”“Medical studies have proven that weight is a factor in the occurrence of concussions during practices and games” explained Nicholas Esayian, CEO of LIGHT Helmets. “Football players are getting faster and the velocity of the hits is increasing, but the element we can change is the mass to reduce the energy of an impact.”
“We care about the safety of our players, and we are trying to change the industry to reduce the risk of concussions,” continued Esayian. “The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment has instituted a new rule that will not allow helmets for youth players that weigh more than 3.5 pounds. Right now, we are the only helmet in the industry that currently meets that criteria. The rule is not implemented yet, but it’s a step in the right direction to improve player safety at all levels.”
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