New Flag Football Equipment to debut at Flag Football National Championships in Tampa

January 16, 2020
PR Newswire

National Flag Football, the nation’s #1 NFL flag program in the country announced today that two new flag football technologies will be in action at the 2020 Flag Football National Championships: The Road to Tampa, presented by Busch Gardens and Xenith. The event will take place at the Tournament Sportsplex of Tampa Bay in Tampa, Fl, January 17-19.

This year, during all final championship games, players will utilize the Xenith Loop, the most comfortable and highest performing headgear designed specifically for flag and non-tackle football. The revolutionary halo silhouette of Xenith Loop makes it breathable, and its secure fit and material technology yields a chinstrap unnecessary. “Xenith Loop is the first ever purpose-built protective headgear for the non-tackle football athlete. Entering into the non-tackle space supports our mission to be with our athletes in playing, training, and living, and allows us another opportunity to contribute to the great game of football,” said Ryan Sullivan, CEO, Xenith. For more information about the Xenith LOOP, visit

In addition, National Flag Football’s Magic Flag belt technology will be utilized during the finals. Magic Flag allows players to effortlessly put their flags back after a flag pull. “We kept hearing feedback that some of the conventional flag belts, over time, would wear out and need replacing. That doesn’t happen with Magic Flag,” said Francis Meram, Executive Director, National Flag Football. “The Magic Flag technology uses magnetized flags with consistent pull force no matter how many pulls of the flag. We know the kids are going to really like these flags.”

This annual event will host over 240 teams from five countries competing across 14 age group divisions. Final championship games will be livestreamed on the National Flag Football’s You Tube Channel,

For more information about the National Flag Football Championships visit

About Xenith
Xenith creates top-rated football helmets, gear, and apparel designed to elevate the athlete’s pursuit. Their athlete-first design approach is backed by rigorous science, engineering, and innovation which transcends laboratory testing to address on-field needs. Xenith outfits the athlete from head to ankle in a suite of performance products for playing, training, and living. All Xenith helmets are Five-Star rated on the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings System, and score in the “Top-Performing Group” of the NFL Helmet Laboratory Testing Performance Results. For more information, please visit

About National Flag Football
National Flag Football, headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, is the #1 privately owned and operated flag football organization in the U.S., offering leagues in over 110 cities. National Flag Football offers young boys and girls, pre-K through 8th grade, a fun, safe, exciting athletic experience that teaches teamwork, participation and sportsmanship, while helping to build a strong and healthy body. For more information visit

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