Seeking a position in the Equipment Room

Tue, 26 May 2020 / Published in Seeking Employment

Hello everyone, I am Tyler Fisher and I am currently looking for a position in this field.

I am 26 years old from Richmond Virginia. I played college football at Old Dominion University. I was an all conference offensive linemen before injury. Could not play my senior season due to injury but I graduated with my bachelor's in marketing and my minor in business analytics in 2017. From there I became a graduate assistant at Concord University. I was the running backs coach there for the last two season.

During my two years at Concord is when I found my passion for the equipment room. From my first day on campus I was put in the equipment room to help organizes a shipment of gear that came in. After my two seasons spending time in the equipment room, is when I realized that I wanted to be in this field full time, that's why I joined AEMA.

I have recently graduated from Concord University with my masters, and looking to get in this field full time. I know that this isn't the best time for anyone with this pandemic but I am still fighting to get in this field. I have reached out to everyone that I know and could get in contact with about a position, currently unsuccessful. I wanted to reach out to the AEMA members and wanted to know if anyone was looking for a graduate assistant position, paid internship, or assistant position available. If not guidance would be a huge help. I have attached my resume on there is my email and phone number feel free to contact me.

God Bless