Soft Shell LIGHT SS1 Headgear for Flag Football and Collision Sports Earns Best Headgear Score Ever Tested and Five Star Rating From Virginia Tech Helmet Lab

January 8, 2020
LIGHT Helmets-PR Cision

LIGHT Helmets has topped the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab’s rating systems for Flag Football headgear, earning a prestigious five-star rating for the LIGHT SS1 soft headgear. The LIGHT SS1 earned the best possible score under the STAR evaluation system used in the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings, which include impact tests to evaluate a headgear’s ability to reduce linear and rotational acceleration of the head resulting from impacts a flag football player might see on the field.

The soft-shell headgear is based on the same Armor Foam material that forms the core of the award-winning LS1 family of football helmets that received five-star ratings for tackle football. The headgear is also designed for use in other collision sports such as rugby, soccer, women’s lacrosse and women’s field hockey.

With an MSRP of $99.95, the LIGHT SS1 soft shell headgear has a posted score of 0.00 on the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab’s testing scale, where a lower score offers better protection. The Light SS1 headgear comes at a similar or better price point than other soft-shell headgear on the market.

“Our score per Virginia Tech was 15 times better than the nearest competitor,” Nick Esayian, LIGHT Helmets CEO, said. “The LIGHT SS1 has better coverage, a more comfortable fit, and a stylish look, all for less than $100. Our entry into this space is similar to when Ford introduced the automobile when everyone else was still riding horses, providing a revolutionary leap forward for players.”

Beginning in 2020, the Texas State 7on7 Organization requires players to wear soft shell headgear that has scored at least a four-star rating from the Virginia Tech Helmet Labs. The LIGHT SS1 is now the best headgear available for reduction of linear and rotational acceleration, according to the test.

The five-star rating of the LIGHT SS1 matches five-star ratings on the LIGHT LS1 Varsity and the LS1 youth model, available in both composite and polycarbonate shells, already on the market for tackle football.

“We’ve gotten great reviews on the fit of all of our LIGHT LS1 models,” Esayian said. “With the launch of the SS1 soft shell headgear, it will be easy for players to go from flag football or 7-on-7 drills back to full contact without a noticeable difference in fit and feel from their helmet. It may seem like a small thing, but every advantage matters on the field.”

The LIGHT LS1 line of helmets for tackle football are currently available at The LIGHT SS1 soft shell headgear is now available for preorder at

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