The NFL is Sending Mixed Messages About Safety

Fox Sports Radio

May 24, 2023

Dan Patrick: “The NFL wants to get rid of the kickoff. They give us the illusion they care about player
safety. Fans want to see a kickoff. I’m all for safety, but I think a better helmet would be the start,
instead of taking away the kickoff. They send mixed messages with a lot of these rule changes, and they
have no problem adding an extra game. So you would think, if you really cared about safety, would you
add another game? And they’re going to add another game. We’re going to have an 18-game schedule.”
Dan Patrick reacts to the latest rule change in the NFL. Dan explains why the newest rule concerning fair
catches on kickoffs is the latest step the NFL is making towards eliminating the kickoff altogether.
However, as Dan points out, this decision is another example of how the NFL is being hypocritical in
their continued efforts to improve player safety.

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