Youth football team first in NKY to use impact-reduction helmets to help protect athletes

WKRC Local 12 (Cincinnati, OH)

June 16, 2022

NKY United is the first youth league team in Northern Kentucky to use Guardian Cap helmets. The maker says it reduces impact by 33% and parents say it’s a game-changer.

NKY United is gearing up for its second season, but it’s the first year they are introducing the soft-shelled Guardian Cap. In addition to reducing impact, its maker says they lower static heat by 20%.

Megan Scott is the president of the team and has two boys who play.

“We really feel if our athletes can practice the way they perform, we are setting them up for success. They are going to game time prepared, not scared,” said Scott.

Some NFL players are now required to use Guardian Caps to curb concussions during training camps.

“It makes me feel like I’m playing the game at a higher level. My safety is important and it calms me down when playing,” said NKY United player Keeton Scott

The head coach says safety technology has improved big time since his day.

“Growing up playing football, even from when I played, the revolution of helmets, the speed — every year they’ve gotten more advanced with safety,” said head coach D’vontae Thomas.

NKY United board member Durran Alexander’s brother, Shaun Alexander, is NLF MVP. He knows how dirty the game can get.

“Unfortunately, there have been times where these guys take some serious hits, and that’s part of the education now. They used to say he got his bell rung or ‘I see three people; hit the one in the middle.’ They are trying to change the narrative.”

Parents are taking notice.

“When you’re a mom, the first thing that comes to your mind is concussions. So for me, this was just so incredibly exciting,” said Jessica Wright.

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