February 22, 2018 The Chuck Noll Foundation For Brain Injury Research has awarded 5 grants to Pittsburgh research teams at the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. The Foundation’s Board of Directors approved grants totaling over $600,000 with a first-year distribution of $278,000.   “We are so proud to

February 21, 2018 The generosity of some anonymous donors will help with the safety of Fremont High School football players starting this fall.   Joe Sajevic, the executive director of the Fremont Public Schools Foundation, said the donors wanted the organization to facilitate the purchase of 130 Riddell SpeedFlex Helmets for the Tigers. The total

February 21, 2018 Playing 15 seasons of professional football took a serious toll on Gary Plummer.   After three years in the USFL, Plummer spent eight seasons as a linebacker for the San Diego Chargers before rounding out his career with four seasons for the San Francisco 49ers. In the years since his playing career

February 21, 2018 When the first snowflakes fell Sunday, a wry cheer arose from the grandstand.   Months after Syracuse women’s lacrosse coach Gary Gait and his Oregon counterpart, Katrina Dowd, discussed bringing the powerhouse Orange to the Northwest for a rare visit, their teams stepped on West Linn High School’s synthetic field amid a

February 22, 2018 Catcher chest protectors are protective pads worn by sportspersons such as baseball catchers and sports umpires to protect their torso from injuries. Professional and semi-professional baseball catchers habitually wear chest protectors. However, the protective gear can also be used by softball, cricket and hockey players to protect themselves from the impact of

February 21, 2018 Two California legislators, apparently with time on their hands these days, intend to introduce a bill to ban tackle football until kids are in high school.   At that point, apparently, they’re immune to head injury and can crash into each other all they wish without fear of lifelong harm.   Concussions

February 21, 2018 Harry Carson spent a good three hours last weekend listening to professors, doctors and academics speak at Duke Law School, which hosted a panel discussion about concussions, brain injuries and football, and what the future of the sport might hold given that its dangers are coming more into focus.   Finally, it

   The University of Connecticut is seeking qualified applications for a paid Women’s Ice Hockey Equipment Services Internship position in the Freitas Ice Forum Equipment Room. The intern will report directly to the Assistant Director of Equipment Services for the sports of Men’s and Women’s Hockey. Responsibilities will include but are not limited to: cleaning

February 19, 2018 The foundation of famed New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick has awarded $10,000 to Lexington’s youth football program.   Ten NFL players are alumni of Lexington Parks and Recreation’s youth football program. In addition, dozens of college football stand outs got their start in the program.   After years of declining participation,