December 11, 2017 Washington, DC  

December 11, 2017 As an undergraduate majoring in global studies, Jessie Garcia ’12, ’13G had no clue she’d be leaving Lehigh with a master’s in technical entrepreneurship (TE) or that a concussion from playing on Lehigh’s women’s rugby team would give her the idea to start her own company – one that is now entirely

December 12, 2017 Although football has long been America’s favorite child among professional sports, there are clear indicators that the ole pigskin is starting to deflate in fans’ eyes. Football fanatics need not panic: polls show it’s still far ahead of both baseball and basketball in popularity. The 2017 NBA finals averaged 20.4m viewers (a

December 11, 2017 Two days before the NFL world watched in horror as Tom Savage was allowed back into the game after appearing to suffer a concussion, Esquire published an interview with Richard Sherman, the veteran cornerback. In the interview, he was asked if the league had made strides with head injuries.   His response?

December 11, 2017 Video of a crushing hit during a kids’ tackle football game will make parents think twice about letting their children play the game.   In the video, a young running back heads to the right side of the field. He’s tackled by another child, who comes up with the football. The running

December 11, 2017 The N.F.L. on Monday said it may strengthen its protocol for assessing possible concussions after another player was allowed to return to play despite a violent hit to the head that left him on his back Sunday with his hands noticeably twitching.   The latest case involved the Houston Texans quarterback Tom

December 11, 2017 In college, Mike Webster was the best center in the Big Ten. He was drafted in 1974 to the Pittsburgh Steelers, where he served as starting center for 150 straight games, bringing the team to four Super Bowl victories. At 260 pounds, “Iron Mike” was the toughest player on the field; he

December 8, 2017 Former NFL defensive end Osi Umenyiora criticized Pittsburgh Steelers’ safety Mike Mitchell’s stance on the NFL’s tackling rules.   Following an ugly “Monday Night Football” game between the Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals that resulted in several questionable hits, injuries, and one suspension, Mitchell compared the NFL to “flag football.”   “Give us

December 9, 2017 Sioux Falls, SD   Gabbi Holbert was at bat during a Halloween softball tournament in the fall of 2016 when a high-rising pitch struck her in the head and sent her to the ground.   Holbert, now a senior at O’Gorman High School, doesn’t remember any of it. When she regained consciousness,