September 18, 2018    It’s one of the biggest hot-button issues in sports these days, concussions. And now a $38 million dollar lawsuit has been filed against the Hermiston, OR School District over a concussion that occurred in 2016.   In September 2016, according to the lawsuit filed in Umatilla County Circuit Court, 16-year-old Connor

September 18, 2018   The NFL and the NFL Players Association are reviewing a potential breakdown in the league’s concussion protocol after New England Patriots safety Patrick Chung took a hit to the head in the first half of a 31-20 loss Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars.   “A joint review by the NFL and NFLPA

September 18, 2018 From professional leagues down to kids sports, concussions are getting plenty of attention.   Parents may believe that a helmet will prevent a concussion — which is when the brain gets bounced around inside the skull.   Dr. Dan Day, a sports medical specialist at Rochester Regional Health, explained why helmets are

Editorial: Football Taking Hits

Thu, 20 September 2018

September 18, 2018 Last week the Aspen Institute released a 27-page report that concludes children shouldn’t play tackle football until high school, at the earliest. The non-profit, non-partisan think tank recommends young athletes play flag football until the age of 14.   “Medical scientists believe children may be particularly vulnerable to brain injury in collision

September 17, 2018    BOSTON (CBS) — Limiting the frequency and severity of concussions in football can be a very difficult thing to do. That is an issue that appeared to be very much on display with Patriots safety Patrick Chung on Sunday afternoon in Jacksonville.   Chung suffered a concussion during the first half

September 17, 2018    The WWE earned a key legal victory on Monday afternoon as a Connecticut district court dismissed all lawsuits against the organization regarding their “alleged lack of protection when it came to performers in regard to their health,” reports,   Led by lead plaintiff and former wrestler Joe “Road Warrior Animal

September 17, 2018 The C.D.C.’s first guidelines to focus on children’s head injuries steer doctors away from CT scans and prolonged isolation.   The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a major new guideline on diagnosing and managing head injuries in children on Sept. 4, the product of years of work and extensive evidence

September 13, 2018 The parents of a 17-year-old Oregon high school student have filed a $38 million lawsuit against the Hermiston School District, claiming it failed to properly respond to a concussion their son suffered during a football game and now he has permanent brain damage.   Athletic officials at Hermiston High School didn’t treat

September 13, 2018    A request for an investigator to look into allegedly fraudulent concussion illness claims by retired NFL players won approval by a federal judge Sept. 12 after court-appointed special masters recommended the move.   Judge Anita S. Brody, who oversees pro football’s concussion litigation in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern