Exam FAQs

  • What are the eligibility requirements to sit for the Certification exam?

    To be eligible to sit for the AEMA Certification Exam, a candidate must:

    • be a member in good standing;
    • be 21 years of age; and be one of the following:
      • a four year college graduate with two years non-student employment in the profession,
      • or a four year college graduate with 1400 hours documented student employment.

    Certification candidates who meet the requirements are given a test at the AEMA National Convention in June of each year or online at selected Scantron sites.

  • What Documentations are Required for Certification?

    • Exam Application (See Exam FAQs page)
    • Employment Verification A letter verifying employment for each school/organization worked for. This letter must be from either the Personnel office or the Athletic Director. Each letter should clearly state the type of employment and the beginning/ending dates of employment. Each letter must be on official letterhead or have a stamp/seal for the school/organization. You need to document 2 years of paid non-student experience if you have a College degree, OR Student managers experience (1400 Hours) must also be submitted on AEMA Student Manager Time Logs. Time logs must be completely filled out and signed by the supervisor.
    • Proof of Age (photo copy of birth certificate or driver’s license)
    • Proof of Education (photo copy of High School, GED or College diploma)
    • You must be an active member in the AEMA, with all dues paid.
    • Pay Registration Fee (Does NOT include the Certification Manual)
    • \

    •  NO applications or payments will be accepted after posted deadlines

  • What makes the AEMA Certification a valid standard of our profession?

    To build validity into the certification program the AEMA contracted with the Columbia Assessment Services (CAS), now called Meazure Learning, to establish a certification program. Meazure Learning was chosen because of their proven work in the athletic field with groups like the National Athletic Trainers Association. Meazure Learning did a role delineation study to find out what athletic equipment do as a group. Working with a committee of Equipment Managers, Meazure Learning created a role delineation for our profession. The role delineation broke our profession down into various areas where the equipment manager must be proficient. The role delineation is the keystone to our certification program. It identifies who we are, what we do and how long we spend doing it. The certification test is based on the role delineation with the amount of questions reflecting the percentages of time we spend in each area. Meazure Learning oversees the entire process, producing the examination from the information we provide them. They grade the test and constantly update the examination using established norms for certification testing.

  • Where to send my Certification Exam Application?

    Sam Trusner
    AEMA Office Manager
    207 E. Bodman
    Bement, IL 61813

  • What material can I expect to see covered on the exam and where can it be found?

    The examination will test you on the five concepts identified by the AEMA as integral components necessary to create a solid foundation in the field of equipment management.  The examination will only cover materials from the AEMA Manual along with select AEMA Journals.  The manual may be purchased from the AEMA National Office and Journals may be downloaded from the AEMA website (www.equipmentmanagers.org), under the Education section.  Only the materials contained in these sources will be covered on the exam, institutional and personal preferences are not part of the exam in order to retain the validity of the testing.