Awards & Winners

Since its inception in 1974, the AEMA has emphasized the importance of service, leadership, and excellence in the profession of athletic equipment management. The AEMA has worked to advance, engage, and inspire equipment managers through our conferences, workshops, publications, certification, and our continuing education program. In 1978, the AEMA awarded its first award, the Equipment Manager of the year award, won by Glenn Sharp. Since then we have added several awards — all reflecting major contributions to the AEMA. The Awards tradition allows us the distinct privilege of honoring so many of the best in athletic equipment management. What is most important about these awards is not the recognition they bring, but what they represent; a tradition of leadership and service to the AEMA.


  • Glenn Sharp


    • The nominee must be a member in good standing (all past and present dues paid) who has made the most significant  beneficial contribution(s)  to AEMA in the preceding year (from the conclusion of that Convention).
    • The Award may be won by the same person more than once..
    • One candidate may be nominated from each District per year.
    • Directors will supply a resume’ for each person explaining the service(s) and/or contribution(s) the nominee has made to/for the Association.
    • The resume’ must be submitted on the Glenn Sharp Award form (available on the AEMA website) along with a current headshot.
    • Nominations must be submitted to the National Office by February 1 of each year.  National Office Manager will distribute nominees to the Board of Directors and past Glenn Sharp winners.
    •  The Board of Directors and Past Glenn Sharp winners will vote for three candidates, in their order of preference (1 vote per person if they qualify in both categories).
    • The top three (3) candiates will become the finalists for the award.
    • This ballot should be sent to the Board and past winners by February 7th.
    • The 3 finalist should be submitted back to the National Office prior to February 15th of each year.  National Office Manager will notify the Executive Board of the final talllies.

    Past Winners of The Glenn Sharp Award

    • 1978 Glenn Sharp
    • 1979 Bobby Yarborough
    • 1980 John Phillips
    • 1981 Billy Pickard
    • 1982 John Daggett
    • 1983 Booker Kilgore
    • 1984 Norm Perez
    • 1985 Jim Roberts
    • 1986 Michael Arellano
    • 1987 Bill Kelly
    • 1988 Don Lacross
    • 1989 Gary Boevers
    • 1990 Jeff Boss
    • 1991 Mary O’Leary
    • 1992 Dale Strauf
    • 1993 Ken Hart
    • 1994 Terry Schlatter
    • 1995 Mike Hill
    • 1996 Alan Ansell
    • 1997 Mike Searls
    • 1998 Steve Bartel
    • 1999 Dorothy Cutting
    • 2000 Dino Dennis
    • 2001 Jon Falk
    • 2002 Andy Dixon
    • 2003 Daniel Siermine
    • 2004 Mike Royster
    • 2005 Kelly Jones
    • 2006 John Stone
    • 2007 Tex Ritter
    • 2008 Meli Resendiz
    • 2009 Lynn Williams
    • 2010 Matt Lewis
    • 2011 Kris Young
    • 2012 Clifton Perry
    • 2013 Greg Morgenthaler
    • 2014 Larry Hare
    • 2015 Scott Jess
    • 2016 Matt Althoff
    • 2017 Troy Jepsen
    • 2018 Ron Ohringer
    • 2019 Kerry Conner, Jr.
    • 2020 Robin Wert-Eller
    • 2021 AEMA Members
    • 2022 Mackenzie Rivers
    • 2023 Phil Junis

    Glenn Sharp Equipment Manager of the Year Nominee

  • Lifetime Achievement


    Exceptional dedication to AEMA should be shown for this honor

    • AEMA member with 15 or more years of membership, or Deceased/Retired AEMA members who didn’t make the 15-year membership limit.
    • Employees of AEMA who have served 15 or more years and have shown exceptional dedication to our organization.
    • Associates of the AEMA who have distinguished themselves in the promotion of our organization.
    • Award will be determined by nominations submitted to the National Office to forward to the Committe Chair by February 1 .
    • The committee will submit all nominees to the Board of Directors for final Approval by March 1st.

    Award will be presented at the General Meeting at the Convention.


    In addition to the recommendation by the sponsor of the candidate, three letters of recommendation are to be included in the nomination. These letters must come from:

    1. An employee from the nominee’s place of employment emphasizing community and or job related accomplishments.
      OR a Certified Athletic Equipment Manager emphasizing the nominee’s involvement and accomplishment.
    2. A member of the AEMA Board of Directors emphasizing the nominees accomplishments within AEMA
    3. Non Member such as coach, vendor.

    A picture (must be 5×7 in color) of the nominee must also be included in the nomination.

    Past Winners of The Lifetime Achievement Award

    • 2003 Helen and Glenn Sharp
    • 2004 Jeff Boss
    • 2005 Jon Falk and Dale Strauf
    • 2006 Al Oldenburg
    • 2007 Mary O’Leary
    • 2008 Chick Napolitano and Billy Pickard
    • 2009 Gary Barfield
    • 2014 Ken Hart, Bill Jarvis, Bob Knickerbocker and Tex Ritter
    • 2016 William “Billy” Rice, Daryl Buente, and Dorothy Cutting
    • 2017 William John Brick, and David “Sarge” Tinga
    • 2018 Douglas Pads and Sports (Rogers Douglas, Doug Douglas, Jeff Douglas)
    • 2019 Texon(Wayne Kotulic, Sr. and Wayne Kotulic, Jr), and Greg Payne
    • 2021 AEMA Membership
    • 2022 Mike Royster, Marty Clark, Alan Ansell, Suzette Madej, Kelly Jones

  • Booker Kilgore


    The Booker Kilgore Award is presented annually to High School Equipment Manager who best exemplifies the character and service of Booker Kilgore.

    Booker was the Equipment Manager/Trainer at West High School in Bakersfield, California from the day they opened their doors in 1965 until his retirement in 1997. He was also a Board member and youth league umpire for the Junior Baseball Association for more than 20 years. Booker received the Danny O’Neil Award from the Kern County Officials Association in 1997 for his dedication to umpiring. He also won the AEMA’s Glenn Sharp Equipment Manager of the Year in 1983, the only high school Equipment Manager to accomplish this to date. Booker was married to his wife, Opal, for 35.5 years. He passed away on Feb. 12, 1999 after a year and half battle with cancer.

    • Must be a High School Equipment Manager.
    • Must be a Member in good standing of the AEMA (all past and present dues paid).
    • Must have a minimum of five (5) years experience as a High School Equipment Manager.
    •  Should be a person who places his or her family commitments before other responsibilities or goals.
    • Should be a person who is known and respected in his/her community.
    • Nominees should be submitted to the Committee Chair.
    • The award will be presented at the General Meeting.

    Past Winners of The Booker Kilgore Service Award

    • 1999 Randy Fogle
    • 2000 Jim Fagan
    • 2001 Chick Napolitano
    • 2002 Vern Walck
    • 2003 Dick Kemper
    • 2004 Dave Rangel
    • 2005 Jim Conant
    • 2006 Jason Eisenhour
    • 2007 Ed Hill
    • 2008 Art Rosales
    • 2009 James Paradise
    • 2010 Jess Jimenez
    • 2011 Stephen G. Spada
    • 2012 Norman Walker Jr.
    • 2013 Rocky Sherman
    • 2016 Dr. Gerard Giuricich
    • 2022 Ronald Turner
    • 2023 Fred Brussel

  • Service


    This Special Recognition award may be given to any member or non member who has performed a service deemed above and beyond for the AEMA.

    • May be up to 5 candidates per year.
    • Nominations, by any current AEMA member, should be sent to the Executive Director .
    • Nominations should be submitted each year prior to April 15.
    • The Executive Director will then select the recipients.
    • Recipients names and school/organization should be submitted by May 1.
    • Award will be awarded each year at Convention during the General meeting

  • District


    All district awards are governed by the District and paid for by the district.