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2020 Convention in Ft. Worth, Texas-CANCELLED

AEMA LOGO-STACKEDThe purpose of the The Athletic Equipment Managers Association (AEMA) is to promote, advance, and improve the Equipment Managers Profession in all of its many phases. One goal is to work as a group to bring about equipment improvements for the greater safety of all participants in sports and recreation. Members of the AEMA enjoy the opportunity to meet fellow equipment managers at convention, share ideas, and learn more efficient techniques to help improve their work place.


AEMA Statement on Current Social Climate

Over the last several weeks, our nation has engaged in important conversations about racism, injustice, and inequality. The Athletic Equipment Manager’s Association understands the critical role it plays as educators, mentors, and leaders on our individual campuses, and we know it is our responsibility to represent, support, protect, and speak up for our black and underrepresented student-athletes and colleagues. Together, as an organization, we will commit to instilling effective, positive, and lasting action that advances the conversation in an educational and solutions-based way. AEMA Board of Directors


If you would like to become a part of our growing profession by exhibiting at our National Convention in June in Fort Worth, TX please click "Become A Vendor", and fill out the required form. Contact names and emails are also listed if you have specific questions or concerns. Thank you

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