Committees carry out a vital role within the AEMA; they are the primary means for associations to get their collective work done. Committees share the workload for the organization, allow for the networking for peers, and provide professional and leadership development. Each committee is responsible and held accountable within a specific scope of responsibility. Committees fulfill their roles in support of the AEMA’s vision, purpose and aims.

Current Committees and Members

Certification Steering Committee (CSC)

Kelly Jones, Committee Chairperson
CSC covers:
  • CEC Committee
  • Education Committee (which oversees the AEMA Journal)
  • Exam Committee
  • Program Committee

Continuing Education Committee (CEC)

Robin Wert-Eller, Committee Chairperson
Committee Members
  • District 1 – Mike Shapley
  • District 2 – Shari Mangas
  • District 3 – Mark Hewes/Jeff Bailey
  • District 4 – Preston Rogers
  • District 5 – Mark Peeler
  • District 6 – Ron Wessel
  • District 7 – Victor Ignatiev
  • District 8 – Mike Bair
  • District 9 – Laura Wong
  • NFL- - - -Tony Medlin

Education Committee

Elizabeth DeFelice, Committee Chairperson
Committee Members
  • Andrea Eccleston
  • Ashley Garrison
  • Mike Valentine
  • Bryan Connor
  • Al Cerbe
  • Exam Construction Committee

    Phil Junis, Committee Chairperson
  • Geoff Carson
  • Jake Rosch
  • Robert Jones
  • Jill Handlon
  • Kelly Jones
  • Andrea Eccleston
  • Chris Dountas
  • Justin Whittaker
  • Exam Proctor Committee Members
    • Robert Jones, Head Proctor
    • Phil Junis
    • Geoff Carson
    • Jake Rosch
    • Matt Althoff
    • Karen Gunderman
    • Jill Handlon
    • Chris Dountas
    • John Whitford
    • Kelly Jones
    • Thomas Arguello

    Program Committee

    , Committee
    Dan Rickbeil , Tim Lowe, Co-Chairpersons
    Program Committee Members
  • Paige Shinberg
  • Emily Dwerlkotte

  • Exhibits Committee

    Scott Jess, Committee Chairperson

    Lifetime Achievement Committee

    Mike Hill, Univ. of New Orleans, Committee Chairperson
    Committee Members
    • Matt Althoff, Univ. of Virginia
    • Marc Hohorst, Univ. of Memphis
    • Kerry Conners, Univ. of Louisiana-Lafayette
    All applications should be sent to Mike Hill.

    NOCSAE Committee

    Will Rodecap, Committee Co-Chairperson
    Kris Young, Committee Co-Chairperson

    Scholarship Committee

    Preston Rogers, Committee Chairperson
    Committee Members
    • Jason Smith
    • Brian Gordon
    • Will Rodecap
    • Michael McPike
    • Tommy Rapier
    • Christopher Stasaitis
    • Rick Brandt
    • Mackenzie Rivers
    • Dan Glynn
    • John Thomas
    • Derek Griesdon
    • Scott McDowell


    Volunteer as an AEMA committee member and earn CEUs with hands-on contributions to the organization