What is Certification?

Certification is the formal recognition of specialized knowledge, skills, and experience in athletic equipment management. AEMA Certification is an educational program that gives athletic equipment managers an accepted level of proficiency in the performance of their jobs. Scantron Corporation is contracted with the Athletic Equipment Manager’s Association (AEMA) to develop a Certification Standard for Athletic Equipment Management. Through a role delineation process, the following areas of job performance were identified for athletic equipment managers: Management, Administration, and Professional Development; Procurement; Accountability; Maintenance; Fitting and Safety.

Role Delineation Classification

Why should I get Certification?

Certification Makes a Difference

In 1991, certification in Athletic Equipment Management became a reality.  Certification has never been a form of unionization to force recognition by the athletic community.  Rather, it is an attempt to improve the profession of Athletic Equipment Management through education. The AEMA is confident that we will earn our recognition through a higher degree of job quality and efficiency.  Certification represents to our employers, a level of competence, professionalism, and accountability to our organizations.

Certification - It's More Than a Test

Your participation in learning does not end with earning certification; athletic equipment managers grow with the AEMA’s continuing education program. In order to maintain certification, the athletic equipment managers must earn CEU’s (Continuing Education Units) by engaging in educational activities.

Organizations Value Certification

AEMA certification is the standard for athletic equipment management. Even if your current employer does not require certification, more and more organizations are requiring certification as a part of the terms of employment.  Certification can open doors to new professional opportunities.

How to get my Certification?


submit all required documentation and application to the National Office


after receipt of documentation, you will receive an email with a link to pay for the exam online


purchase the AEMA Certification Manual



study the Certification Manual and past Journal articles to prepare for the Exam


take the exam. at the Convention or at one of the satellite sites


How do I maintain my Certification?

Each Certified member must earn 6.0 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) every three years to maintain certification. This represents 60 contact hours spent in educational activities during this period. Continuing education demands that certified AEMA members become involved in a continuous improvement process.

What makes the AEMA Certification a valid standard of our profession?

To build validity into the certification program, the AEMA contracts with Scantron Corporation, formerly known as Columbia Assessment Services (CAS), to establish a certification program. Scantron Corporation was selected due to proven work in the athletic field with groups like the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA). Scantron Corporation periodically conducts a Role Delineation Study to examine the specific roles our members play on a daily basis.  Working with a committee of Equipment Managers, Scantron Corporation creates a job-specific study to examine the required skills and knowledge our membership need to perform at the highest level possible . The Role Delineation Study breaks our profession down into five Domain areas that encompass our profession. This study is the keystone to our certification program. It identifies who we are, what we do and how long we spend doing it. The certification test is based on this Role Delineation Study, with the amount of questions reflecting the percentages of time we spend in each area. Scantron Corporation oversees this entire process, producing the examination from the information we provide them, grade the test, and constantly update the examination using the established norms for certification testing.


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