Sunday, June 5, 2022
5:00pm – 7:00pmMember Registration – Conference Registration Desk
6:00pm – 9:00pmCSC Meeting – Conference Room #1
Monday, June 6, 2022
1:00pm – 6:00pmExhibitor Set-up – Paradise Event Center-South
9:00am-11:00pmCEC Meeting – Conference Room #1
11:30am-12:15pmLunch for CSC, CEC, and Executive Board – Pavilion #5, #7, #8
12:15pm-4:15pmExecutive Board Meeting – Conference Room #2-#3
4:00pm-6:00pmMember Registration – Conference Registration Desk
4:30pm-5:00pmNew Member/Executive Board Meet and Greet – Pavilion #6
5:15pm-5:35pmExam Procedures Review – Pavilion #9 –This twenty minute session will provide all the details needed for taking the exam the next morning. This is not a review/study session.
5:45pm -6:45pmGet to Know the AEMA Structure – Panel of AEMA Board/Committee Members – Pavilion #1 –This workshop will provide information on the structure of the AEMA. Many times, members have made comments about not understanding our operational procedures. The panel will provide basic information of their role within the AEMA and then open for questions.
7:00pm-8:00pmOpening Membership Meeting – Pavilion #2-#3
Tuesday, June 7, 2022
8:00am – 9:00amFEM (Fellowship of Equipment Managers) – Conference Room #1
8:00am – 9:00amWomen’s Equipment Manager’s Meeting – Pavilion #1 –This meeting is open to ALL members of the AEMA. The group will have open topics of how to work as a women in a male dominated business.
7:30am – 12:00pmMember Registration – Conference Registration Desk
8:30am – 11:00amCertification Exam – Pavilion #9
9:00am – 1:00pmVendor Exhibits Open – Paradise Event Center-South
1:00pm- 3:00pmDistrict Meeting/Lunch Break
1 — Off Site
2 — Pavilion#6
3 — Pavilion #4
4 — Conference Room #1
5 — Pavilion #1
6 — Conference Room #2
7 — Conference Room #3
8 — Conference Room #4
9 — Conference Room #13-#14
3:15pm-3:40pmNational Office Hours – Board Room
3:15pm-4:15pmCEU Reporting and Tracking – Rich Hardt – Pavilion #10 –This session will provide an overview and demonstration on how to submit and track your AEMA CEU’s on the new website.
Presenter – Rich Hardt: Co-owner of Helmet Tracker LLC. Helmet Tracker helps equipment managers be more successful by providing equipment room management and inventory solutions through their EquipmentOps platform.
3:15pm-4:15pmOn-Field Communications – Past, Present, and Future – Peter Amos – Pavilion #11 –An overview of the last thirty years of sideline communications, the challenges of player communication in the coming years.
Presenter – Peter Amos: Founder and owner of CoachComm. Since 1991, Peter has been creating communications solution for football coaches from high school thru the NFL. In additions, Peter has led CoachComm in creating products for the broadcast, theater, and industrial marketplaces.
4:30pm-5:30pm“The 5 Reasons People Quit Too Soon and How to Stop Doing It”-Jeff Scanlan Pavilion #2-#3 –People want to achieve a little more. Be a little more successful. Yet, only 10% of people will ever achieve what they want out of life. Much of this is because people quit too soon. Jeff has discovered that there are five reasons why people quit too soon. He’ll show you how those reasons show up in both your personal and professional lives. He’ll share the tools necessary to work through challenges so that you don’t quit too soon and can achieve more and create better results.
Presenter – Jeff Scanlan is a speaker, author and master Impossible Bottle artist. As a former professional magician, he has spent over 30 years on stage in front of audiences and more years working on how to think creatively, overcome obstacles and achieve more goals by not quitting too soon.
5:45pm 6:45pmBreakout Sessions –This is an opportunity for members working at the same level to discuss issues and ideas. Moderators: FBS-Matt Althoff; FCS-Clifton Perry; Division 2-Dan Rickbeil ; Division 3/JUCO/NAIA- Kathy Saltis; High School-Stephen Spada.

D-1 – Conference Room #4
D-2 – Conference Room #2
D-3 – Conference Room #1
HS – Conference Room #3
FBS – Pavilion #2-#3
FCS – Pavilion #1
7:00pm-8:30pmRiddell Reception – Pavilion #4-#8
Wednesday, June 8, 2022
8:00am – 9:00amFEM (Fellowship of Equipment Managers) – Conference Room #1
9:00am – 12:00pmVendor Exhibits Open – Tear Down to follow – Paradise Event Center-South
12:00pm-1:30pmLunch Break
1:45pm-2:45pmEquipped for NIL – Eric Nepomuceno and Samuel Hersh – Pavilion #10 –UNLV Athletics Compliance Officers Eric Nepomuceno and Samuel Hersh will discuss the fluid NCAA Name, Image, and Likeness space, including how state specific laws, NCAA interim policy, and institutional policy impact the day to day operations of NCAA Athletic Departments. The pair will also provide insight on how equipment offices around the country can best prepare for and navigate the challenges of the NIL landscape.
Presenter: Eric Nepomuceno is the Deputy Athletics Director, Chief Operating Officer at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. A native of Queens, New York, Nepomuceno began working in the UNLV Athletics Compliance Office in May of 2018. Nepomuceno was promoted to Deputy Athletics Director, Chief Operating Officer in March 2022. He has a major role in all internal administration, including overseeing the department’s strategic planning initiative processes, while also serving as the sport administrator for the UNLV Football and Baseball programs. Nepomuceno continues to lead the operations of UNLV Athletics’ compliance program, including rules education, investigations, and provides oversight of department policies and procedures. Nepomuceno also leads the university’s Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) educational platform entitled “The Vegas Effect”. A graduate of the University of Michigan, Nepomuceno would go on to earn his Juris Doctor from Loyola University Law School in New Orleans.
Samuel Hersh currently serves as the Associate Director of Compliance at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. A native of Wichita, Kansas, Hersh began working in the compliance department at UNLV as a graduate assistant and eventually started in a full-time capacity in 2020 as the Assistant Director of Compliance. In his current role, he serves as a compliance liaison overseeing day-to-day compliance operations for baseball, men’s and women’s soccer, and men’s golf. Hersh also serves as a co-administrator of the university’s Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) educational platform entitled “The Vegas Effect”, assisting with overseeing the day to day operations. A former baseball student-athlete at Newman University, Hersh earned his Master’s Degree from UNLV in 2021.
1:45pm-2:45pmWinning Equipment Rooms-Providing More Than Storage – Spacesaver – Pavilion #11 –This workshop will help identify common challenges within sports equipment spaces, demonstrate storage solutions to these challenges, and develop strategies for new and existing facilities. Hear from our panelists how they’ve incorporated creative solutions to promote the health, safety, and success of their schools’ teams.
Presenters – Tausha Smith has been at UNLV since 1994, starting as a student manager for the women’s program and was named the assistant athletics director for equipment and purchasing in 2016. Originally from Kansas City, MO, she holds two degrees from UNLV. Smith earned her bachelor’s degree in 1997 and a master’s of education in 1999.
Zak Hermans leads the education market at Spacesaver Corporation, the industry leader in storage solutions for athletics. He received his bachelor’s degree in 2013 from Princeton University where he was the Ivy League Pitcher of the Year in 2012. He was then selected by the Chicago Cubs in the 2013 MLB Draft and played for two seasons in their minor league system. Zak received his MBA from William & Mary in 2020 and currently lives in Virginia Beach, VA.
Scott Srodes has been an account manager at Spacesaver Intermountain since 2016.  He has worked closely with the equipment managers at UNLV, Las Vegas Raiders, Las Vegas Golden Knights, local golf courses and the City of Las Vegas providing state of the art storage solutions. Srodes came from the tradeshow industry where he was a senior account executive for 15 years.  He received his BFA from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, MI. 
3:00pm-4:00pmThe Value of P.I.E. – Katrina Campbell – Pavilion #10 –This workshop is to discuss the benefits and added value of professional development, diversity & inclusion, and education to the athletic equipment career field and to your equipment room. Sections of professional development will include gaining internships, scholarships, and building professional skill sets. Diversity & Inclusion to include gender, sexual orientation, and academic majors. Education includes free learning resources, technology, and scholarly publishing.
Presenter – Katrina Campbell is currently the Assistant Athletic Director for Equipment at North Carolina A&T State University, overseeing 15 Division I men & women sports and serves as the District 3 Director. Katrina is also a veteran-the former Captain Robinson was a logistics readiness officer in the US Air Force. She holds a master’s degree in Sports Management, a MBA, and is currently working towards a PhD in Organizational Leadership. Mrs. Campbell has diligently worked to promote her skill set and the AEMA-being recognized by the NFL and invited to speak on the 2019 HBCU careers Forum panel, equipment for the 2020 Senior Bowl, 2022 Shrine Bowl, and as a 2022 Women’s forum participant.
3:00pm-4:00pmSport-Related Concussions (SRC); What Will You Do With The Truth?-Jeff Chambers – Pavilion #11 –Narrative of prevention of SRC and how it has come about; Mechanism of injury of SRC; Brain and its movement; Protection against SRC (What helmets do and what they do not do); New technology needed.
Presenter – Jeff Chambers
B.S. Secondary Education-Physical Education&Biology; University of Nebraska,
Lincoln; 1983
M.A. Physical education/Sports Medicine; University of Northern Colorado, Greeley; 1985
Certified Athletic Trainer for 40 years;
1999-2015 Head Athletic Trainer at Minnesota State University; 2015-2017 Associate Head AT at MSU; 2017-2022 Founder of Guardian Athletics, Inventor of KatoCollar to prevent sport-related concussion and neck injuries
4:15pm-5:15pmManaging Diamond Sports – Pete Stevens/Emily Dwerkottle – Pavilion #10 –This workshop will be discussing hard goods (bats, helmets, contracts, etc), laundry tips for cleaning uniforms, traveling with teams (laundry, what to pack, etc.), and talking about managing uniform combos and accessories. We plan to make it interactive with the people attending the workshop.
4:15pm-5:15pmNOCSAE – Mike Oliver – Pavilion #11 –Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and any lawsuits with the NFL/NHL
Increase in flag football/decrease in tackle football because of parent concerns (if that’s the case)
Increased head protection requirements for various sports
5:30pm-7:00pmClosing Board Meeting – Conference Room #2-#3
Thursday, June 9, 2022
End of convention