A standard has been added or updated. Please see the link below.Category: Baseball/Softball, Lacrosse. Standard Test Method and Performance Specification Used in Evaluating the Performance Characteristics of Protectors for Commotio Cordis The ND200 standard has been modified to correct the inadvertent deletion of  the torso diagram.

MRI contact-sport study shows ‘no concussion’ doesn’t mean ‘no brain changes’

Radiology Business May 20, 2022 Football players whose heads are repeatedly struck but suffer no concussions have white-matter abnormalities similar to those sustained by their concussed peers, according to a diffusion MRI-based study conducted at New York University and published in the May edition of the American Journal of Neuroradiology [1]. Lead author Sohae Chung, PhD, senior author Yvonne […]

Causes of CTE in Football Players

The Philly Sports Network (Philadelphia, PA) May 25, 2022 In the last few years, football players at all levels have become increasingly concerned about chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE, as it has become more evident that repeated head injuries lead to the condition. In fact, a recent study found that in a study of football […]

New treatments of concussions in young athletes

May 7, 2022 Seven years ago, the U.S. Soccer Concussion Initiative made a landmark ruling, saying that kids 10 years and younger are not allowed to head the ball. The organization also limited heading for those 11 through 13. That was just the beginning of a major shift when it comes to preventing and treating […]

Hypothermic Therapy Device Shows Promise In Treating Concussions

Healio May 4th, 2022 TecTraum Inc. announced complete enrollment status for a clinical trial evaluating its pro2cool device, a noninvasive hypothermic therapy system for treating concussions. The device, designed to decrease the severity of concussion symptoms, provides localized cooling for the head and neck to lower blood temperature before reaching the brain, the company stated […]