7 Best football mouthguards to get in 2024

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April 26, 2024

Football mouthguards are crucial for safety. Players across positions benefit from football mouthguards, which guard against dental injuries and lessen concussion risks. In the past, the most fundamental function of mouthguards was to cover the upper surfaces of the teeth.

Originally simple in design, today’s football mouthguards can be customized with team colors and tailored to individual sizes, enhancing both safety and concentration. Because football is a physically demanding sport, players who are serious about their health and sport must select a football mouthguard that provides strong protection for their teeth and head.

Identifying the best football mouthguards for 2024 involves considering their safety features, comfort, and customization. Here are some of the standout choices that offer advanced protection and are favored for their innovative features:

• MENOLY 5 Packs Kids Youth Mouth Guard
• Under Armour Air Lip Guard
• Mengdger Youth Mouth Guard
• Shock Doctor Max Airflow 2.0 Lip Guard
• SafeJawz Sports Mouthguard
• Franklin Sports Athletic Mouthguards
• Loudmouth Football Mouth Guard

1) MENOLY 5 Packs Kids Youth Mouth Guard
The MENOLY mouthguard offers substantial protection with its doublelayer, thicker design. Crafted from BPA-free EVA material, it is safe, nontoxic, and easy to mold, offering a safer alternative to many other mouthguards on the market.

As the brand states, it features a shock absorption base that provides added protection for children’s gums, teeth, and lips against severe impacts. This pack includes five mouthguards along with individual cases, ensuring hygiene and convenience for young athletes engaged in various sports.

2) Under Armour Air Lip Guard
Under Armour’s Air Lip Guard provides full-mouth protection, safeguarding both upper and lower lips, and is especially suited for players with braces. It’s designed for an instant fit, eliminating the need for molding and allowing immediate use right from the packaging. As the brand states, the mouthguard features a large breathing channel that facilitates maximum airflow, enhancing the player’s ability to breathe comfortably and perform effectively during games.

3) Mengdger Youth Mouth Guard
Mengdger’s mouthguard is tailored for youth, providing a comfortable and lightweight shield that does not irritate or cause pain to gums and lips. It’s specifically designed for kids aged 9-16 involved in high-impact sports. This mouthguard combines comfort and durability, with an attractive double-colored design that appeals to young athletes. It is sturdy, easy to use, and protects the teeth, tongue, and jaw effectively during sports activities.

4) Shock Doctor Max Airflow 2.0 Lip Guard
The Shock Doctor Max Airflow 2.0 is renowned for its breathability, dubbed the “Oxygen King” of lip guards. It features a large breathing channel that allows 10% more airflow, ensuring that players can breathe easily and avoid being winded during crucial moments. This mouthguard meets national and state regulations for protection, includes a helmet strap, and is compatible with braces, making it a top choice for youth and adult football players alike.

5) SafeJawz Sports Mouthguard
SafeJawz offers a stylish and effective mouthguard with dual-layer protection in a sleek black design. It is made from a synthetic material that ensures safety and comfort during contact sports. The mouthguard features the SafeJawz logo and is suitable for both juniors and adults, making it a versatile choice for individuals involved in boxing, MMA, rugby, and other contact sports.

6) Franklin Sports Athletic Mouthguards
Offered at an economical price, Franklin Sports mouthguards deliver premium shock absorption and durability. Made from medical-quality EVA polymer, these mouthguards are fully customizable to ensure a snug, comfortable fit for all athletes. The package includes two mouthguards, providing convenience and backup for sports enthusiasts, making it a practical choice for families with young athletes.

7) Loudmouth Football Mouth Guard
Loudmouth’s Football Mouth Guard stands out with its 3D Chrome Grillz design, perfect for players who wish to express their style on the field. It’s designed for both youth and adults, offering superior protection and comfort. This mouthguard is ready to use without the need for boiling, includes a removable matching strap, and enhances the player’s performance by ensuring optimal safety and distinctive appearance during games.

The football mouthguards highlighted for 2024 exemplify the advancements in safety, functionality, and style of sports equipment. These selections cater to various needs, from enhanced airflow and immediate usability to fashionable designs, ensuring that football players have the best options to protect themselves while expressing their style on the field.

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