Assistant Equipment Manager–University of Iowa

University Classification & Job Code: Assistant Equipment Manager – PSD1 (2A)
Job Function: Athletics
Job Family: Equipment Manager
Working Title: Athletics Assistant Equipment Manager
Department: Intercollegiate Athletics
Staff Type: Professional & Scientific
Type of Position: Regular 100% time; Probationary; FLSA Exempt
Pay Level: 2A
Salary Range: $37,069 to $50,000
Position #: 00001746
Administrative Supervisor: Kevin Foor, Director of Equipment Operations

Job Family Purpose Statement
Support the material needs of the Athletics Department through acquisition, and management of
equipment and apparel. Must have knowledge of equipment required to participate in specific sport.
Knowledge of compliance with NCAA apparel and equipment regulations. In some instances may be
required to be certified to fit equipment to assure health and safety of participants. Key areas of
responsibility include inventory, purchasing, regulation, staffing, laundry and maintenance.

The Assistant Equipment Manager supports the sport team and inventory control needs of the
Athletics Department through planning, acquisition, management and security of equipment and
apparel on a daily and annual basis for Olympic Sports as assigned.

 Embraces the Win. Graduate. Do It Right. philosophy of the Department of Intercollegiate
Athletics, as stated in the departmental mission and its accompanying values and
 Commitment to team goals and shared accomplishments. Excellent interpersonal skills and
ability to understand group dynamics and drive results.
 Adheres to the rules and regulations of the University, the Big Ten Conference and the NCAA;
commits to reporting any Big Ten or NCAA violations involving the University of Iowa to
departmental compliance personnel.
 Contributes to the development of an environment for student-athletes that is healthy, safe,
equitable, and culturally diverse. Establishes a positive relationship with student-athletes,
founded on fairness, openness, honesty, and leadership opportunity.
 Manages resources and petitions for change in a way that minimizes gender bias and
maximizes compliance with federal and state laws regarding gender equity. Acts as an
advocate for any student-athlete, employee, or program that experiences unjustified inequity.

 Contributes to the recruitment of a diverse population of student-athletes and employees.
Promotes a welcoming climate that enhances the overall experience for all members of the
Athletics Department.


Laundry and Maintenance
Manage daily laundry responsibility.
Inspect, maintain and repair sport specific equipment and apparel.

• Assist other equipment room staff with the management of daily laundry in the facility assigned.
• Inspect laundry for repair and cleanliness.
• Operate laundry equipment, as needed.

Assess sport-specific equipment and apparel needs.
Manage issuance and retrieval of assigned equipment and apparel and maintain inventory documentation.

• Issue and retrieve equipment and apparel according to protocol.
• For sports assigned, assist sport staff in determining sport-specific needs. Maintain sport-specific inventory documentation.

Comply with applicable regulations and standards (e.g., health, safety, and department).

• Know and operate within relevant industry safety standards, including applicable health regulations, NCAA rules and related University and departmental protocol.

Human Resources
May assist with the hiring, training, and administrative supervision for students/ temp staff.
May provide direction, assignments,feedback, coaching and counseling to assure outcomes are achieved.

• Assist in the operation of an equipment program flexible enough to meet the changing needs of student-athletes, coaches and others associated with the program activities and weather. This would consist of working assigned hours, including nights, weekends, and holidays as needed and assigned.
• Assist in general upkeep and maintenance of equipment rooms.
• Assume responsibility of equipment room operation in the absence of lead equipment manager(s).
• Provide leadership to assure desired outcomes are achieved in a compliant way.
• May provide functional supervision to students/temporary staff.
• Perform other duties as assigned.

Financial Responsibility
Make purchasing recommendations.

Make recommendations for purchase of office supplies

Initiate purchasing requests for supplies, equipment, etc.

Maintain appropriate inventory levels. and equipment as inventory runs low.

Collaboration/Positive Impact(Proficiency level: Working)
Ability to work with a variety of individuals and groups in a constructive and civil manner and utilize existing resources and learning to achieve or exceed desired outcomes of current and future organizational goals/needs.

• Shares appropriate information/feedback openly,professionally and respectfully.
• Models open, respectful, accepting, and supportive behaviorswith team members.
• Maintains productive work relationships while considering
multiple perspectives and using effective conflict resolution
• Aligns expectations for self and team to achieve work objectives and overcome obstacles.

Service Excellence/Customer Focus (Proficiency level: Working)
Ability to meet or exceed customer service needs and expectations and provide excellent service in a direct or indirect manner.

Ability to effectively transmit and interpret information through appropriate communication
with internal and external customers.

• Enhances service by seeking ways to add value to customer
• Demonstrates sincere concern and takes responsibility when a customer complains, even if the cause of the problem lies elsewhere.
• Listens to feedback without defensiveness and uses it to enhance communication effectiveness.
• Communicates in alternative ways to accommodate different listeners.

Welcoming and Respectful Environment (Proficiency level: Working)
Ability to foster a welcoming and respectful workplace environment while recognizing personal differences.

Ability to work with a variety of individuals and groups in a constructive and respectful manner while appreciating the importance of a workforce that benefits from the talents of all people across multiple characteristics, including: race, creed, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, pregnancy (including childbirth and related conditions), disability, genetic information, status as a U.S. veteran, service in the U.S. military, sexual orientation, gender identity, or associational preferences.

• Maintains productive work relationships while considering multiple perspectives.
• Resolves cross-cultural conflicts effectively.
• Understands and describes the unit’s commitment to creating a workplace environment where people of all backgrounds and perspectives feel welcomed and appreciated, and the reasons for its importance.
• Contributes to a welcoming and respectful workplace environment as described above.

Inventory Management (TRE) – (Proficiency level: Working)
Knowledge of, and ability to develop and use, strategies, practices and tools for effectively managing local or distributed inventories of finished goods.

• Works with inventory management for a specific product group or location.
• Assists with purchase orders, receiving, ticketing, and distribution of inventory items.
• Sends goods from own inventory to other locations or back to suppliers; resolves discrepancies.
• Describes processes and controls for releasing inventory and returns.
• Produces and uses all basic inventory management reports and measurements.

NCAA Ethics and Compliance (Proficiency level: Working)
Knowledge of practices, behaviors, applicable laws, rules, and regulations governing proper conduct of
collegiate sports; ability to demonstrate ethical behavior in diverse situations.

• Participates in resolving issues involving collegiate sports ethics.
• Describes several types of issues covered by NCAA and organizational guidelines.
• Documents the ethical considerations involved in administering, coaching, training, and equipment management activities.
• Describes potential rewards of ethical behavior and consequences of unethical behavior.
• Follows procedures for reporting violations, investigating breaches and taking disciplinary actions.

Purchasing Tasks and Activities (Proficiency level: Working)
Knowledge of and ability to use practices and procedures for procurement of materials, components, equipment and services.

• Works in a function that procures services or products.
• Adheres to various requirements and steps of the procurement process.
• Uses available procurement systems and tools.
• Ensures compliance with procurement regulations and contract specifications.
• Implements purchasing tasks and activities, such as bidding.

Performance Management (Proficiency level: Working)
Ability to apply organization’s performance management system, practices, and tools to developing and improving individual, team, and organizational performance.

• Makes sure performance goals, checkpoints, and feedback focus on behaviors.
• Uses formal and informal rewards and recognition programs for employees.
• Identifies opportunities to enhance performance, e.g., practice assignments, training, shadowing.
• Provides documented input to formal performance review conducted by manager.
• Observes individual performance and provides fair and objective feedback.

Specific Function – Athletics Equipment Room (Optional) (Proficiency level: Working)
Knowledge of the major responsibilities, accountabilities, and organization of a specific business function or area of specialization.

• Describes the mission, vision and objectives of the function.
• Discusses major programs, initiatives and issues.
• Identifies the major units or sub-functions.
• Identifies relevant internal and external procedures and regulatory agencies.
• Discusses the steps and requirements of the business process(es).

Basic Knowledge: Uses basic understanding of the field to perform job duties; may need some guidance on job duties; applies learning to recommend options to address unusual situations.
Working Experience: Successfully completes diverse tasks of the job; applies and enhances knowledge and skill in both usual and unusual issues; needs minimal guidance in addressing unusual situations.
Extensive Experience: Performs without assistance; recognized as a resource to others; able to
translate complex nuances to others; able to improve processes; focus on broad issues.
Expert/Leader: Seen as an expert and/or leader; guides, troubleshoots; has strategic focus;
applies knowledge and skill across or in leading multiple projects/orgs; demonstrates knowledge of trends in field; leads in developing new processes

As part of performing the key areas of responsibility and competencies described above, staff members are expected to meet reasonable standards of work quality and quantity, as well as expectations for attendance established by their supervisor. Staff members are also expected to comply with policies governing employee responsibilities and conduct, including those contained in the University Operations Manual and UI Work Rules.


Required Qualifications
• Bachelor’s degree (or international equivalent) or equivalent combination of education andexperience;
• Minimum of 6 months work experience in the operation of an athletics equipment room at the college/university or professional level (student experience considered).
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Professional experience working effectively with individuals from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, demonstrating strong interpersonal skills and ability to build trusting relationships;
• A valid U.S. driving license and the ability to meet and maintain University of Iowa Driving Policy standards.
• Working knowledge of and ability to:
o Utilize basic office support software (word processing, email, presentation software and spreadsheets)
o Operate effectively within a highly regulated team environment.

Desired Qualifications:
• Basic knowledge and understanding of the professionalism and intensity necessary to successfully contribute to a Division I athletics program;
• Currently hold or have the ability to obtain AEMA certification within one year;
• Work experience in:
o The maintenance and inventory of apparel and equipment as a member of a college or professional equipment staff;
o Doing daily laundry as a member of a college or professional equipment staff;
o A collegiate business environment;
o Supervising part-time staff and students (highly desired).
• Some knowledge of NCAA rules and regulations.

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