Glenn Sharp Nomination

Hello everyone,
Voting for the Glenn Sharp District 1 nominee will be extended until 5:00pm on Friday, January 26th. So far, our District’s voter turnout for our organization’s highest honor has been extremely low. I do not feel comfortable presenting our districts nomination to the Board of Directors with so few votes received. Please make every effort to cast your vote before 5:00pm on Friday.

Please review the bios for our two nominees and click on the Google link below to submit your vote.
Thank you.

Nicole Clark, Colby College 
Attended OKC convention
Attended AFCA convention
Published journal article
Spoke on several panels for the Membership and Engagement Committee
Served on Policy and Procedures committee meeting for an hour every week
Served on Education Committee
Served as Certification Manual Chair – Editor in Chief
Served as District 1 Secretary

Anthony Martin, Rutgers University
-Serve as the External Communications Committee Chairperson. Overseeing 8 Committee Members from the other 8 districts.
-Manage all AEMA social media accounts including daily management and creative control of the main (@ AEMA_74), Women of the AEMA (@ AEMA_Women), and District 1 (@ AEMA_District1) on Twitter/X.
-Created and manage all content on the AEMA’s new company page on LinkedIn.
-Created a Wikipedia page for the AEMA.
-Collaborate with outside vendors to ensure the proper AEMA logos are used on special projects (new signage at Convention, Convention lanyards, AEMA store, website content, and more).
-Work with the Mentorship, Engagement & Professional Development Committee to create special graphics for their monthly Zoom meetings plus collaborate with Sam on sending our emails to promote those.
-Work with the High School Equipment Educational Offerings group to create graphics and help promote their new virtual meetings.
-Help with email messaging to all membership by creating special graphics and templates. Lots and lots of custom photos and GIFs for the AEMA to use on social media for all occasions.
-Creative director and promoter for the annual Equipment Managers Appreciation Week campaign on social media. The 2023 campaign is September was our best one yet so very promising stuff.
-Currently on a small AEMA working group to design a new and improved AEMA website.
-Designed the special 50th anniversary of AEMA conventions logo that will be used this June for AEMA Atlanta 2024.
-Created a thorough 2024 AEMA Convention Atlanta Prospectus Brochure that goes out to all Vendors. Then once vendors register, I fulfill sponsorship requirements through social media graphics.
-Other random miscellaneous projects from Top Leadership to help uphold the AEMA brand (EX: press releases and other pamphlet-type projects)

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