Head Equipment Manager—Davidson College

Responsible for the ordering, receipt, issuance, use, maintenance, inventory and cleaning of athletic
equipment and clothing according to established policies and procedures. Adheres to OSHA
requirements, and NCAA regulations with regard to equipment safety and compliance. Prepares
purchase orders and invoices for purchase of athletic equipment and clothing. Communicates with
vendors, suppliers and coaches regarding orders, returns, contracts and product satisfaction.
Job Duties
Supervises and participates in the laundering of all sport’s apparel to ensure availability for daily
practice, competition and training. Maintains appropriate records of purchase order numbers and
corresponding invoices for athletic equipment, apparel and supplies. Advises coaches in the
selection of equipment, apparel and supplies. Ensures annual inventory, fitting, repair and
reconditioning of equipment. Receives orders and distributes equipment to sports. Coordinates set-
up of equipment, supplies and apparel for practices and home competitions; coordinates the
transportation of athletic equipment to away competitions; ensures availability of Equipment Staff
support for visiting teams and officials.
Bachelor’s degree and minimum three years of related experience.
AEMA certification or working toward certification preferred.
Knowledge of appropriate chemicals and techniques for proper laundering of apparel. Ability to
properly fit athletes for equipment and apparel; ability to work with diverse populations; ability to
effectively communicate with higher level personnel such as coaches, administrators, and other
areas within the Athletic Department and college; excellent organizational skills a must.
As a part of your application materials, a resume and cover letter are required. Information
about how to submit the application documents can be found
at https://employment.davidson.edu

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