Head Equipment Manager for Football–University of West Georgia

This will be a GA position w/ an 8k stipend

Contact Brandon Wright at bwright51.bw42@gmail.com

  • Oversee football athletic equipment purchases, inventory and distribution under the rules and regulations set forth by University of West Georgia Athletics, NCAA, State of Georgia, and university purchasing laws – (athletic equipment relates to all apparel worn by student-athletes, coaches and staff during practice, competition and/or workday activities and all equipment used by a team and/or staff to practice, compete and support the team).
  • Work with Director of Athletics and Director of Football Operations for Football to establish necessary athletic equipment/apparel needs for Football.
  • Be knowledgeable of NCAA, conference, University of West Georgia Athletics, and university and/or state rules and regulations which impact all functions and procedures of this position beyond just the purchase of product and equipment.
  • Manage the football equipment room, including supervision of staff.
  • Formulate and implement equipment room policies related to purchasing, equipment fitting program, computerized recordkeeping, physical inventory control, laundry, and equipment transport.
  • Develop annual and five-year budgets.
  • Coordinate annual product review meetings with vendors and football coaches and staff
  • Ensure the proper fit of equipment for all football student-athletes as it pertains to helmets, shoulder pads, shoes, etc.
  • Coordinate with TSU’s Administration to ensure trademark provisions are adhered to and that all University of West Georgia, Conference, and University school marks are properly deployed.
  • Develop, implement, and manage the process to launder all practice and game team clothing/uniforms.
  • Communication with the proper channels to ensure the upkeep of equipment, equipment trailer and its components.
  • Facility Management as it pertains to the football locker room, coach’s locker room, equipment room and surrounding areas. Contacting the proper authorities to ensure a timely fix is done if needed.
  • Coordination with local trucking company to ensure timely departure and arrival of all equipment for road games.
  • Travel strategy as it pertains to loading/unloading equipment truck, packing for student-athletes, coaches, and other staff members.
  • Management and maintenance of headset system on a weekly basis in season.
  • Inventory control via an inventory software for all goods pertaining to the football equipment room including but not limited to: helmets, shoulder pads, apparel, footwear, game jerseys, etc. to properly submit yearly year-end inventory requested from Director of Football Operations for Football.
  • Yearly maintenance of John Deere Gators, lifts, field equipment, trailers, and practice clocks.
  • Upkeep and proper storage of all field equipment for the football team 
  • Working with the Sports Medicine staff to ensure student-athletes safety and needs are properly taken care of
  • Continuous outlook of the everchanging innovation of athletic equipment (helmets, shoulder pads, cleats, etc.)
  • Other duties as assigned 

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