The Best Lacrosse Balls: 15 Keys to Finding Resilient Gear*

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June 27, 2024

*Please note, only NOCSAE mentions included here. See the above link to view the full article.

When it comes to finding the best lacrosse balls for your training and recovery needs, durability should be a top priority. After all, you want equipment that can withstand repeated use without losing its shape or functionality. Here are some key factors to evaluate when comparing rubber lacrosse balls:

Verify Official Certification

Be sure to purchase balls that meet official lacrosse ball size and weight specifications. Approved balls will be stamped or engraved with markings from certification organizations like the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE). This validates they have passed rigorous testing for safety and performance.

Verify Official Certification

All lacrosse balls must meet stringent size, weight, and durability standards to be used in sanctioned play. Approved balls will feature markings like “Meets NOCSAE Standards” or have certification seals from organizations like the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment.

These independent testing bodies thoroughly examine factors like:

  • Ball dimensions and spherical consistency
  • Materials quality and construction
  • Response to impact force and rebound capacity
  • Overall durability after repeated use

Balls lacking proper certification may be substandard in quality and performance. Only NOCSAE or similarly certified models should be used for competitive lacrosse. Backyard play also demands equipment that prioritizes safety.

Don’t Take Shortcuts

Avoid taking shortcuts by purchasing balls without official markings just to save money. Knock-off equipment often compromises on:

  • Rubber grade – stiffer, cheaper blends
  • Production standards – inconsistent sizing
  • Durability testing – prone to cracking
  • Safety reviews – higher injury risks

You deserve gear engineered to protect your body through repeated use. Always verify that iconic NOCSAE logo or similar certification before buying ANY lacrosse balls.

Ask Questions

If you purchase balls in-person, don’t be afraid to ask sellers questions like:

  • Are these balls NOCSAE certified?
  • Can I see the certification markings?
  • Have they passed impact and durability testing?

Reputable retailers will happily confirm their gear is officially approved. Take time to double check rather than risk subpar, potentially dangerous equipment.

While standard 2.5 inch lacrosse balls are the norm, some brands now offer innovative shapes and sizes for greater functionality. Here’s an overview of the options:

13. Certified Quality

Balls marked “NOCSAE certified” have passed rigorous safety and performance testing. This certification ensures the ball meets regulation standards for legal gameplay, especially important for game balls.


Certified NOCSAE balls ensure safety and durability for games. Test certified versus uncertified balls for performance.

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