Victor-based Cognivue supporting a new concussion study

Rochester Business Journal

July 31, 2023

Cognivue is partnering with the Kutcher Clinic for Sports Neurology in Michigan on a first-of-its-kind large-scale study that aims to evaluate and refine how concussions are identified and treated using evidence-based diagnostic inputs.  

The study is funded in part by Cognivue, a Victor-based neuroscience technology company which specializes in testing cognitive function. 

The study – which will largely be conducted in the Detroit area – will evaluate how Cognivue Clarity technology behaves when it comes to definite and probable concussions.  Cognivue’s FDA-cleared computerized testing tools are designed to assess early signs of cognitive impairment. 

Researchers will assess 90 adults with definite or probable concussion diagnoses over a two-year period. Each person enrolled will be seen and evaluated within 48 hours of the initial impact, then seven days and six months later. A 30-person non-concussed group will serve as a control. 

Tom O’Neill, Cognivue CEO, said the firm is excited to participate in the study.  

“No matter the healthcare segment in which Cognivue technology is used, we want clinicians to have full confidence in its capabilities to aid in screening and diagnosis,” O’Neill said. “That’s why we continue to engage in multiple studies with some of the world’s most respected clinical, research, academic and advocacy organizations, including our latest initiative with The Kutcher Clinic.” 

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