Women’s Ice Hockey Equipment Manager–Cornell University

Date: 5/2024

Current Incumbent, if any: Drue Perrault Position #: 00488843
University Job Title: Athletic Operations Admin I Pay Band: E
Working Title (if different): Women’s Ice Hockey Equipment Manager Exempt: ☒ Nonexempt:☐
Department Name: Athletics & Physical Education Dept Code: AP – IA

Immediate Supervisor’s Name: Joshua Morrow
Supervisor’s University Job Title: Director of Equipment Operations Pay Band: G
Working Title (if different):

Culture of Inclusion and Community Standards: Skills essential for individual and organizational success.
As a university founded to be a place where “…any person can find instruction in any study,” diversity and inclusion are at the core of our values and mission. We strive to be a welcoming, caring, healthy, and equitable community where students, faculty, and staff with different backgrounds, perspectives, abilities, and experiences can learn, innovate, and work in an environment of respect, and feel empowered to engage in any community conversation. As a member of the Cornell University community, it is important to recognize our shared responsibility to each other to cultivate a culture of inclusion for all. Cornell Core values

As an individual contributor you will model and support a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and wellbeing and continually seek to understand how your role, behaviors, and actions impact the success of this culture.

While position responsibilities vary greatly, the Skills for Success and Leadership Skills for Success are foundational to what is expected of every employee and leader working at Cornell. These skills are essential for individual and organizational success. Staff Skills for Success; Leadership Skills for Success

Department Background: Provide a brief overview of your department/unit.
Student and Campus Life (SCL) inspires transformation in all Cornell students on their journey of individual, academic and personal evolution. Our division is comprised of leading student affairs experts who support our campus on pressing student life matters including public service, health, wellness, social justice, residential living, food services, sports, recreation, career services, and student activities and organizations including sorority and fraternity life. We provide support and services to roughly 25,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students on multiple campuses in the U.S. and abroad.

Cornell University is an NCAA Division I institution and a member of the Ivy League. The university fields teams in 37 intercollegiate sports and provides a comprehensive physical education program. The university is committed to excellence in academics and athletics, gender equity and diversity in its programs, and a well-balanced, broad-based intercollegiate athletics program. Athletics and Physical Education offers a diverse program of physical and outdoor education, recreational services, intramural sports and intercollegiate athletic competition, plus Wellness programs for faculty and staff and fitness centers for the entire Cornell community.

Rewards And Benefits: Highlight the unique benefits offered by Cornell and specifically to the position.
Competitive compensation, generous time-off, and great benefits …More on Cornell Benefits

Position Summary: Explain the purpose for the position and summarize the responsibilities to include in job ad.
The Women’s Hockey Equipment Manager coordinates several critical aspects of the program including managing the procurement of ice hockey equipment considering the unique needs of each student-athlete, building and maintaining an inventory to meet those needs, securing and cultivating sponsorship by equipment companies, and monitoring financial processes related to equipment. This role also maintains and repairs equipment to ensure all equipment functions at the highest performance and safety standards. As the gatekeeper for equipment requests, the Equipment Manager ensures requests are reasonable, meet the needs of the student-athletes, and are within budget. In addition, this position attends practices and games, including traveling with the team, and assists with practice and game video recording and coding. The Equipment Manager serves as the primary liaison with visiting teams, coordinating services as needed and working closely with Lynah Rink and Cornell equipment staff and administration.

This is a 10-months per year, full-time position. Starting salary range is $52,200-$53,500 for this position; final offer will depend on relevant experience, skills, and qualifications. This position is not eligible for visa sponsorship.

Success Factors
• Proven ability to operate effectively in a fast-paced and fluid work environment, while maintaining a professional, calm and controlled demeanor at all times.
• Strong interpersonal and customer service skills, including the ability to build working relationships with a wide variety of individuals.
• Effective communication and organizational skills, to consistently relay accurate information and needs to the appropriate audiences.
While position responsibilities vary, every member of our community is expected to foster a culture of belonging and a psychologically healthy work environment by communicating across differences; being cooperative, collaborative, open, and welcoming; showing respect, compassion, and empathy; engaging and supporting others regardless of background or perspective; speaking up when others are being excluded or treated inappropriately; and supporting work/life integration of oneself and others.

Required Qualifications: Specify required minimum equivalency for education, experience, skills, knowledge, etc.
Position Competencies/Skills: Job related knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors that contribute to success.
• Society of Professional Hockey Equipment Managers (SPHEM) certification required within three years of start date. To qualify for the SPHEM certification exam, must have one of the following:
o H.S. Degree and 5 years’ experience as equipment manager
o Bachelor’s Degree and 2 years’ experience as equipment manager
o Bachelor’s Degree and 1,800 hours’ experience as a student-equipment manager.
• Knowledge of hockey equipment, including skate sharpening and maintenance, as well as high-level hockey competition.
• Experience negotiating with equipment vendors, developing equipment budgets, inventory control, and procurement.
• Proficient with computer programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel.
• Experience with editing and coding systems like XOS/Tech Video, and Sportscode Hudl a plus.
• Experience in and/or demonstrated commitment to supporting diversity, equity, access, inclusion, and wellbeing.
• Ability to cultivate and develop inclusive and equitable working relationships with students, faculty, staff, and community members.

Preferred Qualifications: Specify preferred specialized education, field and/or certifications.
• Experience working in a collegiate hockey program.

Position Responsibilities/Essential Functions: List the responsibilities and estimate percentage of annual time spent on each responsibility. Include only the essential functions that are fundamental and necessary to the position.
List each responsibility and associated percent totaling 100% Approximate % of
time, Annualized
Equipment Management
• Develop and administer the annual equipment budget for WIH program. Review and approve requests for new equipment, assuring that they are necessary and in budget scope.
• Research and procure all hockey equipment, uniforms and supplies. Serve as the liaison with vendors, coaches, and athletes.
• Coordinate with multiple vendors, negotiate pricing and contracts. Research equipment costs and availability and make recommendation. Cultivate and secure equipment company sponsorships.
• Understand the demands of the program as well as individual athlete’s needs which can require assessing the skills and physical attributes of the athlete in order to match equipment to specific requirements.
• Manage hockey equipment inventory. Issue new equipment as needed, exercising judgment and discretion to determine need. Manage a functional, organized skate, stick, storage and shooting rooms.
• Administer preventive maintenance program for all ice hockey equipment, systematically assuring safety and functionality. Manage helmet maintenance/fitting/decals/safety. Manage and operate heat press machines.
• Work with Athletic Trainers in an effort to minimize risk of injury and re-injury of athletes by providing and recommending equipment appropriate for the needs of the specific athlete.
• Work with certified technicians to ensure and assess that all equipment that supports ice hockey training and competition is maintained and repaired, including skates, uniforms, protective gear, sticks, bikes, and other equipment. Must be able to provide services in absence of technician or other aides.
• Oversee and schedule use and maintenance of the shooting room, strength and conditioning equipment, stationary bikes and other equipment used exclusively by the hockey team.
• Partner with department equipment staff to coordinate and ensure timely laundry service for practice and competition gear for the Cornell and opponents with.
• Ensure locker rooms and appropriately set up for practice and games and assist with set up of the rink and team benches.
• Work with the Director of Equipment Operations to confirm orders are received in full and invoices can be processed for payment. 45%
Game/Travel Operations
• Prepare for and coordinate services for visiting teams. Initiate contact with visitors in advance to coordinate practice time, laundry service, and locker use. Serve as a local resource for visitors. Greet visiting team and officials at Lynah Rink when they arrive. Coordinate visitor schedules with Cornell rink and department staff, and resolve conflicts.
• Assist the coaching and operations staff with team travel. Build relationships and act as liaison with host school staff to provide detailed logistical communication which may include confirmation of practice time, amenities and access to other services and equipment to support off-site practice and competition.
• Troubleshoot and resolve problems as issues arise
• Responsible for ensuring all need equipment is include; create and manage packing lists, inventory, and tools for team travel. 40%

• Responsible for team travel logistics and other relevant information to hotels, restaurants, and catering services.
• Travel with the hockey team to provide equipment and other staff support on the road, including equipment packing, set up, and necessary maintenance.
Video Coordination
• Serve as video coordinator of XOS tech/video, Sportscode Hudl or other video recording and analysis systems.
• Participate in practice and game filming.. Assist coaches with tape breakdown and transfer; set up athlete viewing station.
• As University representative, load game recordings onto servers for game officials and opponents, per league or national protocol.
• Assist with supervision of student managers responsible for aspects of team travel or filming. 10%
Other position-related responsibilities
• Participate in projects with occasional work responsibility falling above or below current classification. 5%

Position Leadership/Management Responsibilities: For positions with responsibilities focused on managing the work of others and developing others. [REQUIRED FOR THOSE THAT SUPERVISE OTHERS]
Number of Direct Reports _ Exempt _ Nonexempt
Number of Indirect Reports _ Exempt _ Nonexempt
Number of Student/Temporary _ Exempt 1 _ Nonexempt

Work Designation: Assessment of position’s primary setting for performing work. Please select one.
☒ Fully Onsite Positions requiring 100% on-site presence
May be able to occasionally work remotely – business continuity
☐ Hybrid Remote Positions with the ability to regularly be performed at least partially remotely
Includes seasonal hybrid, variable hybrid, and consistent hybrid
☐ Fully Remote Positions within/outside of New York State which can be performed 100% remotely
May be asked to travel to campus periodically

Essential Working Conditions (after considering reasonable accommodations)

Physical (lift/carry/push/pull): Typically lifts 20 to 50 lbs
Visual: Close concentration
Hazards: Limited exposure


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