Glenn Sharp and Dot Cutting Nominations Needed and Convention Information

Happy New Year!

Friendly reminder to please send me your Glenn Sharp and Dot Cutting Award (District 1 Equipment Manager of the Year Award) nominations by 1.4.2024. Voting will start on 1.5.2024.Qualification for the Glenn Sharp Award are below….
Must be a member in good standing with all pass and present dues paid.
Has done the most service for the AEMA in the year.
The award year begins at the end of the past convention.
When nominating someone please list what board or committee they serve on.
This award is our highest honor in the AEMA. Glenn Sharp was known as the “Father” of our organization. Glenn was a long time Equipment manager at Bowling Green. Glenn and a handful of other equipment managers first met in June of 1973 in Atlanta Georgia to get the ball rolling. Glenn and his wife Helen started the AEMA office in 1974. Glenn went on to be the first Elected President of the organization in 1979. Glenn then went on to be the Associate Executive Director in 1983 and held that position until his death in on October 1, 2000. Glenn was the first recipient of the Glenn Sharp award that we proudly name after him today.

This years convention will be in Atlanta. The dates are SATURDAY, June 1st through Wednesday, June 5th. Please note that we are starting a day earlier than normal. The opening meeting will be held on Sunday, not Monday. Please plan accordingly.

Have a great day!

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